Dan Wozniak —- Siestas and Olas and Murder

Surfing related,  about as relevate as a lot of topics are.  What do you think?  Any of you ever have any contact with him?  Tom Wegner was his favorite surfer subject in many of his movies.  Wegner builds boards so getting closer.  I met Dan once at Pismo Pier.  He was putting flyers on windshields for a showing of Siestas and Olas that night in SLO.  Must be lonely and cold on San Quentin’s Death Row.

So let me ask the “uninformed” (as it may be) .  Do any of you know the story on this OC boy?

Bring it on. A tale of woe or just a crazy surfer gone wild ?

Well I’ll see what I can do with links.   Of course you can google Dan Wozniak and the whole scene will come up.  But, before he murdered two people and dismembered one;  Dan Wozniak filmed and produced two or three Surf Videos.  He also did a couple of old school showings.  Barnstorming local surf communities and veterans halls on both coasts of the U.S.  His number one surf star was Tom Wegner with additional appearances of a few other surf celebs.   He was an actor who appeared in various small time community theater productions.  Had a few bit parts in a few movies and was considered a filmmaker and producer.  All of this movie and theatrical stuff being on the small side and not quite yet taking Hollywood by storm.  A “wannabe” who could have been if he hadn’t decided to commit a couple of murders.  He’s now sitting on “Death Row” up in San Quentin, San Rafael, Ca.

And all for a few thousand $$$.  Funny, the brides parents were traditional and offered to pay for the wedding.  But his ego wouldn’t have it.  Didn’t want his future in-laws to know he was broke.  The plot was a lot thicker than a Surf flick.

Hey Fellas.

Uh, I hired a fact-checker from the internet before my posting this to make sure I’m correct…and I am.

I am Dan Wozniak…Daniel Micheal Wozniak, Siestas & Olas filmmaker living in Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Dan Wozniak you mentioned has been crisscrossed me with here.

He is Daniel Patrick Wozniak, the convicted murderer from OC. We are no relation. And our ages are separated by about 15 years.

Additional Fact: the only things I have slain are cold Bud Talls.

Siestas & Olas is coming up on its 25th Anniversary.  I’ll be RE releasing it then.  Smiles, Daniel M. Wozniak

McDing is always right though

No I am NOT always right and was contacted by THE Daniel Wozniak of Siestas and Olas and set straight.  My apologies for confusing the two Wozniak’s.  My encounter with Dan in the Pier parking lot was so brief, I wouldn’t  recognize him if he was sitting in the living room with me.  I am glad he is not the Dan Wozniak sitting on Death Row at San Quentin.  I apologize for letting the internet and google take me down that road.    One of the reasons I brought the whole matter up was to see if some of the members of the "Brain Trust " here at Swaylocks would set me straight.  But the dumb asses here at Sways bought my misinformation “hook, line, and sinker.”    My apologies to Mr. Wozniak and I am very much glad the two of you are not “one and the same”.  Lowel

And you are always the “big kahuna” man.

McD is McD.

But is the BigKahuna somebody’s Sways’ alternate screen name (7-12-21)?

That’s exactly what a guy on death row would say.

Well as Jack Webb would say the facts of the case are the same, just the names are changed. I know it is at Mr. Wozniak’s expense, but I couldn’t help but kinda chuckle about it this morning. At first when I began to read his PM I thought; “That SOB broke out and he’s coming after me because I talked about him on a public forum”. OR. Governor Quizno pardoned him and he put 2+2 together and now I’m looking over my shoulder. My bad and my apologies to the Dan Wozniak of Siestas & Olas. I got Siestas and Olas mixed up with Starsky and Hutch. Not a lot of meat left on the bone for the Sways vultures, but it’s hard to find good jerky boys.

Twenty-five years! Says a lot about the quality, and the content  of what has become thru the years a cult status favorite.  This movie is in the group of greats like the “Golden Breed” and many others that slip my mind momentarily.  Always belongs on any surfers list of all time favorites.  If it isn’t,   take your “wave storm” piece of crap and get out of Costco.

OK so it’s not the same guy but surfing history is littered with tales of crazy behaviour in and out of the water.

While others with a more considered temperament choose to stay on dry land, the bravado to throw yourself into the boiling sea for giggles, lends itself towards being a loose cannon on shore as well.

 I wonder if any other sport has so many wild and wacky characters ?

Surfing is a unique culture for sure…


Who else could be wrong on something, and then blame others for believing him?


My oh my

Too funny.

Thanks for setting the record straight, and doing it so eloquently. Please disregard the other comments as they seem to have moved down another path. I, for one, feel that since you have a tiny inkling of experience with surf craft, perhaps you would like to give us your opinion of surfcraft, shaping, the surf/film industry in general, etc.

25 years ago: any shapes you thought would take off but fizzled? Anything you would have done differently film/boardwise? Personally, I’m curious did you ever witness something beautiful during filming that you failed to record?

You must have some stories, feel free to share.

…only Wozniak that are well known is S Woznialk; in fact many of you are typing on a Apple comp.

Can’t shake the formative years, all those sessions down at the patio, RIP.

Bud talls, were the only beer allowed.

I see Snow Gorilla from time to time…