Dane Peterson

Anyone know who Dane Peterson is riding for now surfboard wise?



I think him and his wife still ride Scott Andersons but they have some boards made in Aus.also, I cant remember who, Dane was workin for the guy for a bit.

Southcoast surfboards by Ian Chisholm. southcoastlongboards.com.au

He was riding for them awhile back but, no longer seems to be included on their

webpage and his model surfboard is now just the DT2.

When I saw him last…2 years ago+ -…he was makin his own. I dropped off a Paul Gross 9-4…Magic Sam type…that he later told me …was a favorite.


Hey guys. Thanks for the interest.

I’ve been riding all sorts of equipment as of late. Mostly a 5’6" 2+1 diamond tail Schnub, shaped by Neal Purchase Jnr, and a 6’0" mini widow maker style shape also by Neal for when there’s a decent swell ( I actually got some really intense waves in western sumatra on this shape about a month ago) It was a real eye opener.

As for my longboards I’ve been working extensively on a new piggy 9’4" design in Japan with the people I’m endorsed by “Revelation Surfboards”. This particular board is kind of a combination of the Magic Sam, and the boards I use to get from Scott Anderson. The shape is 17" x 23" x 17" x 2 3/4" wide point back with a long deep concave flowing into a subtle roll/belly that runs off the slightly sqaush like tail. My shaper Takuya Yoshikawa(Revelation Surfboards) is an absolute freak on qaulity. Which is great cause I am as well, and It’s a great match because we really feed off each others energy. Wether it’s in the shaping bay, glassing room, mini ramp, or surf. We will sometimes shape 3-4 different designs in a day together. And then spend the next 10 days going mental on the glass work to get them done before I fly back home to OZ. It’s a wonderful expierence to be growing at such a rapid rate with a shaper who you truly conect with.

Hope this helps.


Hey Dane,

Thanks for your post. I was just hoping someone had seen the boards your riding in Noosa and I’d be cool with that. Pretty stoked to get the details from you. Any chance of some picks of the longboard you describe? Are you looking to set up any availability in Australia?




No worries. I can shoot some images in the next few days and post them. Super busy @ present with the family here for the holidays, plus I’m in the middle of building a new water housing so things are a bit hectic.

Not looking to place anything in the market as of yet, maybe in late 09/early 2010. I do have a brand new one that I used twice in mint condition. The intention was to make one a bit bigger (more volume) for small days. But it’s just a bit to big for me. I’d be inclined to sell that for the right price. If you want I can include some pics of that one too.

Hey Dane,

Please post some pics of the one you have for sale as well.



Hey Dane give me a buzz next time your in Ca. Ive got some new stuff I think you would Dig, I will PM my #, hope alls well.

Hey Dane

Welcome to Sway’s

Ive seen you in Lb mag since you were a grom at malibu

hope all goes positive for you and show us your boards

And how far back was that wide point?