DAT Designer is back


Howzit!?! Stoked about that! I had the program a few years ago, but lost it in a computer disaster. I tried to get a new copy from Australia, but somehow couldn’t connect. The 3-d feature is a useful tool, and the full-size printing feature is a hot item. I’ve been stuck with the trial version, and can’t make prints. I’m going to get the new XP version and launch into my styro campaign. Aloha…RH

Hi guys,

We are currently writing the new version of DAT Designer (DAT XP). I don’t know if you have used DAT 98 before, but are there any features you would want to include in the new version?



My suggestion is about the fin design program. Looks like the program can only be used to create glass-on fins. A lot of people use removable systems fcs, future, redx,4wfs etc to test their foils. Be great if you were to be able to create removable systems tabs under the base of the fin, can’t see an easy way to do this with the demo version I downloaded. A library of tabs to fit common systems would be great, not sure of the copyright inplications of that one though.

Looks like a good product though, a lot of people are paying for way more than they need for fin design ie Rhino, Turbocadcam etc


Hi pinhead,

Our original aim with Fin XP was to create a program that can easily create mesh files so that we can analysis the fluid flow around them. I appreciate your comments and it is something we will look into (and with regard to the legal issues etc).



This is great news!

I would suggest to make your website compatable with Firefox. So no .asp file extensions.

Perhaps a Mac OS version.

Hi Dave:

I would really like to see a Mac OS X version of your software!


what happens after the thrirty days are up does the file download get deleted off of the computer?

and is there a tutorial like the aps3000