Does anyone out there have any contact info for Dave Parmenter? I have tried the Moondoggies and Hale Nalu route to no avail.Looking for email or home address for correspondence.I own two of his Aleutian Juice boards,and would like to write to him.

Any help would be appreciated.

don’t know how to get hold of DP, but since we’re on the subj of him, sure would like to see some pics of those Stub Vectors he was making. planshape, profile, rails

g luck

try sean collins @ surfline . . . but reaching sean is a quest in itself.

Did you call Moondoggies or just go to the website? Before the clark thing, he was taking customs orders through the shop. I am not sure of the turn around. (805)594-1995 or (805)591-1995 ask for Zach or Matt.

good luck

stubb vectors + parmenter longboard. thanks oneula for the photo. the 7’0 on the left is mine, the other two are oneula’s. here’s a custom parmenter fish that i really like. he makes good boards, custom, and very reasonable. The best way to get one is to find someone that has an in with customs, and put in an order. i think it’s a little tougher through the shops. good luck.

i like the fish - simply beautiful.

the Stub Vectors look like another type of board i ride- Country surfboards Nomads. I thought the Stubb Vectors had wider nose. Those almost look like modern thrusters.

I saw an article on him surfing western SAfrica - atlantic side - cold water - Elaands Bay and thereabout. He was riding a bizarre wide-nosed stub. pics show him riding a lot in fwd trim - boards definately had WP forward - wasn’t sure if that was the Stubb Vectors I later heard about.

Sorry hijack here. Thanks SideSt

The stubb vector appears to be like a modern thruster, but is has been tweaked a little: wider board, fuller rails, low entry rocker, down rails at certain points, and a diamond tail. it’s almost like a 70s shortboard retrofitted to be a thruster. board does ride in forward trim- can even cheater five it. i got mine from oneula, who also has some parmenters, and he put a tail pad on it- it’s something that messes with my head a litttle, and i’ve been meaning to take it off. i’d like to get a smaller stubb vector in 6’1 and maybe a 6’0 disc from parmenter. i’m way too fished out. i don’t know what his status is. we’ve seen from this thread how hard that can be!