David Barr's interchangeable tail system

Just saw this on instagram, what do you guys think of the idea? I think this could be great to explore the different tail options and if they really make a difference. 

Edit: See also the patent that was mentioned in the comments: http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pdfs/US3879782.pdf

That would be one way to sort out the subtlety of difference in tail shapes - it’d have all the other variables static. 

It’s not entirely new but…

Just shows there’s nothing new in surfing anymore !

 Now where’s my hard deck surfmat with hydrofoil system ?

Based on the size of those little tail bits I doubt the differences are substantial. Maybe this concept will prove just that :). I would be more interested in seeing MUCH bigger tail pieces, ie all the way to the wide point, so you could go with a narrower tail for bigger waves and wider for smaller, etc. And fit it into a suitcase for travel. Like a bisect board, but better execution.


Edit: Actually, looking closer, I guess the idea  of removing a tail section, pushing the fins forward, creates a wider tail block and shifts the wide point forward. Perhaps giving a board better small wave capabilities by removing the tail piece. That is a little interesting…

I thinks it’s a bad hair day. I’d like to hear from Mc Ding and GhettoRatt…about 5 booths down was some really cool hard core surfboards. hand shaped. gloss resin…core people that surf and shape…down the way…far from the tail block people…wooah…

David Barr is a great surfer and a great shaper, and I hope he hits it big with his invention.  Sure others have tried the same concept; nonetheless his is refined.  I admire David, even though when shaping in the room over, he tends to turn the lights on and off way too much, but I know it works for him.  He is great I admire him, and am a huge fan.  He deserves a closer look; if you don’t believe me ask Taylor Knox, he has been riding his boards for years with other shaper’s logos.

Yes they had a booth at the show.  Very interesting.  Not something I’m gonna offer on my boards.  I don’t care to take on the headache.  I don’t even do “buttcracks”.  I don’t think Rusty will start putting them on his boards because he places such importance in his established tail designs.  I think it might have some mild success with the Sways Guys for sure.  Lowel

Respectfully, I think not.    At least I hope not.     Frankly, the ‘‘Clinton’’ variation on the theme, appears to have a greater chance of success.   To really have an impact on board performance, considerably more surface and rail area needs to be involved.   In my opinion.


Thanks Ghetto and McDing and Bill T. I’m not a great shaper…heck, I’m a back yard hack. I just don’t see 2-3 inches of tail making much difference to 90% of the people I surf with…

I believe that tail shape is largely about what it does to the template in the rear of the board i.e. what happens to the rail line when it is curving or not curving towards some specific outcome. After the rail ine actually ‘ends’ its only about (vertical) lift or release.

Gotta agree with you there, Bill.  

Although I think many here would be supportive of the creative approach to making a board that is easily modified, I just don’t see the Swaylocks gang as being the demographic this product it targeting.  I think most of us here have a quiver of different shapes, with the last few inches of tail shape being just one small ingredient in the recipe.  Probably directed more at guys who only have one or two generic shortboards, and want a bit of variety in their surfing experience, kinda like trying new fins on a familiar board.  

I’d be surprised if even one of these showed up at the annual fest.

Yes.  That is such a big part of it.  The tuck and bottom contour. Rail line etc.  Hard to get much of a feel for differance in only four or five inches.  But I am sure we’ll see a thread about this installation and another one about the removal of said system. Why not?  This is Swaylocks after all.  I don’t think Barr’s idea is completly silly though;  I’m sure a really good surfer in good waves could tell the differance.  Lowel

I haven’t seen anything about Clinton surfboards for years.  Did some work for them in about 1972. Last I heard he went back to school to become a Chiropractor 

Dennis Murphy was glassing for Clinton. Of course this is now off topic so back to the post Dave seems to be on to something. Think this needs more R and D

I do not surf every day. I do not worry about 3" of tail. I am not pro,…

My shapes are based on rocker…what i ride works for me. It’s a complete design…not three inches out the back…

Go surf the tail…have fun…3" of fun…don’t waste your time in the middle of the board…flow…works for me