days of infamy

I just noticed from my post…that the date DEC 7th popped up…then I REMEMBERED! It has been 60 years since people - hellbent on imposing their will upon the world… came across the waianae’s to wake a “sleeping” giant. A lot has happened since…so many people who were our enemies, are now our allies. A lot of things have changed…but, unfortunately (for ALL OF US) a great deal has NOT changed. It is especially poignant that we should be mourning - once again - this “anniversary” year. Ironic, for me, that I came from the place where Pearl Harbor is (I’ve known people who saw and experienced THAT bombing)…only to have moved to New York and PERSONALLY witness the World Trade Center bombing Sept 11th. It saddens me that there will NOW be ANOTHER date that I will always remember. I extend my prayers (whatever THAT is…I guess it boils down to HOPE, these days)…to everyone around the world who is suffering…That there will someday, somehow be a universal peace.


Just recently returned from Hawaii. This was my first time to visit the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. I must say I feel quite fortunate (moreso now) to have not yet witnessed first-hand the tragedy of war…until now, of course (although I’m sure many would say, “This is nothing…”) I cannot even express in words my appreciation to my elders who served to provide me with peace. I truly do have a new perspective on the insanity of how fellow-humans can treat one another. Once again, a BIG THANKS to all you visiting this site who have served to protect this world’s innocent, not only 60 years ago, but every day, both past and present…God be with you all…deeb.