Deck Delam

What is the best way to fix a deck delamination. It is about 6 inches by 1 foot around?

Hey Gregg, Deck delams most of the time come from the fatigue on lightly laminated boards where feet come down hard on them all the time. They need strengthening. Mask off the about 1/2 inch outside the area I’m going to work on. Take dremel tool with a fiberglass cutting wheel and using the tape as a guide and cut slightly deeper than the glass and then lift the offending delam out. Sand the surrounding area with 80 grit down into the glass a little. Save the piece that came out because it’ll fill the hole perfectly. Mix enough epoxy to get the job done with some fiberglass fines in it and if you have a resin tint try to match it. Then put the old piece into the epoxy and weigh it down after getting all the bubbles out. Squeege away the excess – A little wax paper or mylar under the weights can reduce the sanding to fair things out. If you want to put a layer of 4 oz. over the whole thing if it’s low go for it. You can have a surface that is the same as the original with a little work and it’ll be stronger than the rest of the board with very little weight added. Only the cut lines will show a little. It’s one solution. There are many. You can do it with poly but the new epoxies work much better.