Deck Inlay

Just did an orange bottom lamination on a longboard I’m building for myself. I want to try to do a yellow deck inlay but I’ve never done one before. My understanding is that you have to tape off the same line as the cutlap from bottom lam, protect the rails with more tape, lay out a sheet of glass and laminate it, cutting it on the cutlap line when it cures. My question is this: after the single sheet of fiberglass for the inlay do I just lay another sheet of glass when it fully cures and laminate, this time tucking the lap under the board? Logo under the second layer above the inlay? Clear resin for the second deck lamination? 

You are correct.  I would add that it is easier to use 6" or 9" masking paper to protect your rail than just tape.  Push that tape down hard.  If you pull the tape when it has jelled you can usually clean any “oops” with a razor blade or a clean cotton rag and acetone.  Then knock down and flatten the lap with sandpaper and a hard block.  Afterwards laminate a layer of clear cloth and your logo onto the deck.  You can “freelap” the clear deck cloth.  Once you have hot coated both top and bottom, sand both sides.  Then tape off and do a pin line around the cutlap at the deck.  This will cover up any imperfections in your panel cut and the cutlap.  Finally; Gloss both sides.  Lowel