deck patch?

who here puts deck patches on there boards? i havnt done the deck yet and was wondering if i neeed one i weigh 65 kg and i am doing 2 4oz. and a 4oz on the bottom keep up the good work. tom

I always add a deck patch even if I didn’t build the board. Hate those knee and heel dents. I also add a small patch around the leash plug to prevent fracturing from leash snapping.

if you put a deck 1/2 or 3/4 patch sooner or later break the board…

Never had a board break but I have had major deck delams from compression dents.

Hey Most glassers avoid the board break problem by NOT cutting the deckpatch straight across the board, instead using a diamond or rounded patch. If you don’t get heel/knee dents at your back foot, don’t add a patch. For us who always get dents/delams in the deck tail, yes, add a deckpatch.

Like Lee said, a rounded deck patch forward edge is good. Best not to have an abrupt change in how the board will bend, y’know. One way to get a nice look is use a string with the end taped down from the tail to draw an arc, run your tape to that. And that forward edge doesn’t have to be convex towards the nose - saw a board done where the forward edge was curved towards the tail which had some interesting structural possibilities - I think it’s in the photo archives someplace. As to where to put it; skin the wax off one of your old boards and see where it got crunched, starred, all those little cracks. If it’s really bad in a particular area, say major heel stomps and such, doubling up your deck patch through there wouldn’t hurt. I patch…'cos there ain’t no real permanent fix short of major surgery, and even that doesn’t really hold up… quite a few deck delams. It’s a consequence of the current tendancy to glass a board light. Adding a few ounces to beef up the deck is a very good idea. Coull extend the life of your board quite a lot. hope that’s of use doc…

cut the deck patch leading edge after laminating is risky…especially with a blade … dont cut too deep if you score the under glass its like cutting window pane … flex an it snaps right on the line…I fray the edge while laminating to leave somthing to feather afterwards … do a doily cut nothing straight at all…how bout a tail or stomp patch…thats strength…ambrose…rental solid…progressive flex stiff tail more flex towards the nose

Good ideas, Ambrose…and I dearly love the term ‘rental solid’. thanks doc…

i was thinking about adding extra glass just where u put ur feet, sorry not quite down with the terminology yet so i couldnt understand your response doc. ummm yea i just did the first deck layer and came out heaps better than my bottom layer, shows what u can learn quikly, it was mainly because i had more time, cheers tom

Not to worry, Tom, the terminology gets a little odd. While the FAQ ( link below) covers a lot, a glossary or something might be a useful addition. Anybody want to be editor in chief of that?? funny, isn’t it, the first one of anything is so much harder than the second one. best doc…

no matter the type of cut (the cloth)if you put about 3/4 patch you´ll break the board…

Hey Reverb, I’m slow and old, have reading comprehensions problems, can’t see too well, can’t handle my computer, but I think I see that you are very sure of your point, with this second rehash of your original post. I disagree! Having glassed over 130 boards, owned 100, and been involved in the contruction of close to 500, I don’t see much breakage caused by a deck reinforcement patch. Even an add-on, I don’t see it. Add-on just need to be cut with scissors, before laminating it on. After lam, there is no need for cutting. As an aside…after my first 5 glass jobs, I figured that maybe a taildeck patch should be a deep V, if the board is standing up. Meaning the rails are reinforced up to the widepoint, but the center deck has glass only up the like…24" from the tail. I’ve broken 3 of my boards that I was involved with, and maybe saw 3 other broken. None fractured near the deckpatch to non patch area.

boards DO NOT break because of a deck patch. I glass all my personal boards w/ a 3 quarter deck patch and have never snapped one in the patch area . Also I have glassed 40,000 to 50,000 boards (many w/deck patches)never any feedback about breakage. The only boards I tend to break have a 4 oz. deck and 4 oz bottom and they still last between 3 and 6 months

lee …typo he meant leash…put a leash on you will break the board…ambrose…alas the wisdom from the mouths of the proletariat

Hey Doc - I gave Mike most of the definitions that ended up in the glossary/FAQ section. There were more of them but they slipped through a crack somewhere… I’d be happy to work on more of them (asst. editor in chief) but have been busy building boards lately. Personally I think there should be a “beginners page” here somewhere with links to glossary, tool list, “what blank” questions and other such stuff that comes up weekly or daily. The old “search the archives” response seems to not work well for lots of people, unfortunately. Mr. MP?? What do you think?

Hey Ambrose You got me flumuxed! What do you mean, “put a leash on, you will break the board” ??? Like I said, I’ve broken 3 boards. NONE of them had anything to do with leashes, I HELD ON, and they snapped 3" from my face! Like I said, I’m old, slow to comprehend, and almost blind. Anyone? I can’t figure that one out.

Sounds good to me, Keith. However you guys want to play it, anything I can toss in that’d be of value I’ll be happy to do. That’s why I put together my ding repair pages in the first place - was easier than sending out the same replies to questions repeatedly. Just a thought: would it be a good idea to maybe go with links from a picture page or something? You know, a picture of a board with maybe some labels ( say for instance, ‘tail’ ) , click on the name of the label ( the word ‘tail’ below the picture ) and zap, there’s the page that applies and a strong suggestion on that page that one can search the archives for much, much more… Mostly 'cos I hate bitmapping images for links. that any use? doc…

I think just identifying anything that either should be in a glossary or FAQ section would be helpful – or putting in the subject words that make the thread really easy to find in the archives helps too… If we get threads w/ useful definitions I’d be happy to clean them up & email them to go in the FAQ page… We’ll have to leave it up to Mike whether he has any interest in (and time for) setting up a beginner or “start here” page.

what did you eat the day the boards broke? I have this snickers bar and brocoli theory I’m trying to flesh out…I also have suspicions about ckicken and green peas…but then again it could just be mouldy Knackkebrod…ambrose …searching out the board breaking factor

Rice Krispies?