Deck Patch

Just wanted to get some opinions here. I am shaping a 5’10" fish this weekend and will be using 6 oz. glass on top and bottom. I know the traditional fish calls for a deck patch; but I was thinking of foregoing it. I am 6’3" and 175 lbs. and normally do not put a lot of dings/dents on the deck of my boards. Do you folks think I am safe not using a deck patch?

Thanks for the help.


This will depend on the type and density of foam you are using.

If you have shaped a traditional or semi traditional type fish you would not be worrying about weight.

I dont like to use a single six ounce glass on the deck of any board 2 x 4oz seems so much lighter and stronger. I will use 4 + 6 or 2 x 6 oz but I dont think there is any weight saving and no strength advantage in using only 1 x 6oz.


2 x 6oz deck, 1 x 6oz bottom. I like gloss and polish finish.

2x6 deck is ideal for a true fish under 6’… strong and stiff, and the added weight works with the way it’s supposed to be ridden.

If you don’t want to go with two full layers, you must put down a deck patch, even if it’s 4oz. If you’re 175 lbs, your heels will dent the deck on your backside, because you end up stomping on it hard to get the leverage you need. Besides… are you only going to ride it in waist high surf?

I really appreciate the advice. My home break is the Space Coast of FL, so unfortunately yes…most of the time it will be waist high or smaller. LOL

Thanks again, I’m gonna go with the 2x6 oz.