deck shape

I am so confused about two things,how to shape in rocker and howto shape the deck too keep that nice curve. I see other shapers just go from the blanks natural deck curve and use that. 

Im just lost as a whole


Hi Angus,
You can draw some lines with 2,3 and 4 fingers distance from the rails in the upside of the board to have more control when using the planer, then go for it.

Have a thread in the top of the forum with good informations.

Hope I could help you! Sorry about my english! :slight_smile:

Cauê Borella

Those are two very general questions, which makes them difficult to tackle in this format.

Shaping rocker is done with fade or stagger cuts, cross-cuts if there's ridiculous amounts of foam to be ''moved''. 

If you're trying to shape deck roll into a flat-decked blank, the best way (IMO) for DIY'ers is to do the outer perimeter first - defining the deck-side rail rocker and consequently the rail volume (because the bottom is already done). Then blend that to your centerline, in an orderly fashion. Don't do one side to finish and then try to match. Good lights make deck roll easy to see.

Some people like to shape the rocker and deck roll into the blank before they do their outline cut. ''Shaping the blank before shaping the board''. You might give that a try, it'a good technique for getting started. And nothing to be ashamed of continuing, I know some very meticulous shapers who still do it that way.

Cheers 'cause the world needs more 16 yr old shapers...

My first board came out pretty nice. A buddy of mine wants me to make him a board, i was just trying to figure out the basics. Later i plan to make a SUP for me. 

But for now i am working on hacking up my bosch 1594k. Hitachi style handle mod, edge beveling. 

Next up is a bendix cam and bolt system, and a bondo filled front shoe. I am trying to keep an eye out for another planer,makita, maybe a rockwell or if i pull some fancy manouvers a skil. I am a tool adict, always striving to have the best. A project is always done best with the best tools. 

When I was 18. I was fortunate to get a job sweeping the floors at a pretty big-time surfboard factory. I didn’t get to go to college. That was my college. I learned all I could absorb. Dick Brewer told me not to stop with the planer. Go nose to tail. If you don’t, you’ll be chasing bumps. I still do that to this day.

Keep learning. Keep learning. Keep learning.

This website has a vast amount of knowedge at your finger tips. That is price-less.

Mike Daniel is right.

We need more 16 year old shapers.

I would gladly teach you anything you want to know. I’m sure many would too!

Remember, tools are like your old-lady, don’t let your friends borrow em!

Keep it up!

Barry Snyder / Windigo Surfboards


Start with Ding Repair. I did not have a mentor program. I used ding repair to earn a few extra bucks and learn about the materials.....but what I really learned about was the shapes and designs. Handle as many boards as you can...feel the shapes......

build surfboards as a hobie....use your skills to build race cars or space ships......