decorative boards

Hi all,

I’m looking to see if anybody has, or makes decorative boards. I need two boards 5’ in length (about a foot wide give or take) preferably square tail longboard style, made of any kind of wood as they will be painted.

I contacted one place in Hawaii but never heard back from them, in several months time. I’d do them myself but honestly I’m so busy I’d rather just buy a pair and paint them if somebody has them.

If anybody has something like this, give me a shout and let me know how much you want for them. Just bare wood is fine, I can paint them and put a layer of deck cloth over top in a few hours time.

They’re for my ‘longboard limo’ surfmobile.

Howzit EndlessWinter, I think the problem you may run into is the width of only about 1 ft wide. You might get in touch with Ambrose, on 1 visit to see him he had some wood boards for wall hanging that might have been close to what you are looking foe but not sure if he is willing to part with them.Aloha,Kokua

Oh the width is negotiable, the length is what’s most important. But I was trying to keep it proportional to a longboard, that’s why I figured a foot wide for 5 foot long, would look the same as a 10’ 24" wide.

if you found some time you could go to lowes or home depot and buy some plywood and then just cut out the shape you needed

Yea I might end up having to do that … I guess it won’t really take that long, just have to draw up a planshape and trace it on, jigsaw it, block it smooth and router a round edge on it … day’s work probably.

I just thought maybe there was somebody on here who specialized in that kinda stuff … and maybe had some for sale.

On another note, my gun is almost done … hotcoating now, then time to sand ‘er down … lookin’ good …

If you already have the tools it s not as hard as you think. I made two of them a few years a go about 3 and half feet long out of a scrap piece of red oak. 60’s style square tail long board shape. One I stained slapped a small Bear label on polyurethaned and screwed a bottle opener to. It resided in my bro-in-laws tiki bar. The other I did a multi color striped stain job, poly’ed and slapped some long board trucks on.

I took about an hour total to cut, sand and route the edges for each. Table router is the way to go.


I think theres someone on e-bay selling decorative wooden surfboards. There even painted. Kind of cheep looking though, no rocker etc.

Why not just get some real surfboards do the same thing. i would think fiberglass is going to hold up better than painted wood. Your going to pay about the same?