Deep Thoughts by Herb Spitzer

…Brosey…BARNS,LEAVE HIM ALONE…come sit with me billy.

…Brosey…What’s goin’ on?

…Billy…Fausto is making a deal with the Devil.

…Brosey…Ya…you know what I’d do ,I’d take that bet,crawfish the deal;and drill that ol’ Devil in the ass!!!..Ringo,what would you do?

…Ringo…I allready did it…


Howzit Herb, A little to deep for poly saturated brain cells. Good to see you post again, are you going to use that Hawaii plane ticket this year. Aloha,Kokua


Are you deep thoughting again? You know what that does to you. Now stop it !

That’s not Deep Thought, This is Deep Thought, predecessor to Deep Thought II

I wonder if we could hook it up to a CNC machine, or use it as a Swaylock image library…

Herb I think he made that deal when he quit tuning flatrack Harleys, remember the Stroker truck? Blackhart set him up after that. Good to see you Herb, give Shelby a treat for me.

So, if brosey is Ambrose and Barns (billy) is Bill Barnfield, who the heck is Ringo?

Ride on, Tom

If you’ve seen the movie that this dialog came from…then this is the way I see it in my mind’s eye…This is purely for my/your amusement and not to be taken seriously.Please any negative comments will be handled at the O.K. corral @ high noon.

tkelly’s got it right…Ambrose is Brosey( I feeel…CAPITOL!)…Billy is BIll Barnsfield,…Wyatt E. is Jim Phillips(we’re busy)…older E. brother, is Kirk Putnam…younger E. brother is Mike/Rooster(sorry Mike) .

…County Marshall is M.Paler…town sheriff is John Mellor

…Ike C. is Tim(LAW DOG!!! law don’t go around here,Savy)…Johnny Tyler is Bill Thrillkill(whyyyyy Johnny Tyler…where you goin’ wit that shotgun!!!)…Turkey creek Jack Johnson is Steve Brom(this is a private affair)…Texas Jack Vermillion is EPAC(seen anything like it,I’d never even heard of anything like it).

…The wild sultry actress is that cajun beauty I met last weekend @ the event(Who’s that tall drink of water).

…Ranch owner played by C. Heston…is Tomatdaum(if they want your friend,they’ll have to come through us first)

…Ringo? you ask is none other than the deadliest glasser on this site…that is Kokua(are you retired too?).

…Doc…well you know who that is …

…I’ve have not yet begun to defile myself…Herb(No sir,I’m in my prime). Last correction edit ,I promise!

Howzit Herb, Glad to say I’m not retired, after dealing with a close eviction and eye surgery I’m back up and running again. Am doing a little construction work on the side, but that’s because the $ are great and might as well take the money and run.I like the Ringo thing.Aloha,Kokua

I’m your huckleberry



How did you know I love Shotguns? Side by Side 20ga., with English Stock is my favorite field piece. The danger with being a Prophet, is that you are NEVER appreciated in your own time.

In case we forgot who we are;

Herb, ever seen the movie “My Name Is Nobody”? (The western)

Ozzy,The name doen’t ring any bells,but at my age? I’ll see if I can rustle it up somewhere.

Bill T. …In my mind’s eye, I see you with a sideby and a hound, huntin’ up some sport/grub.Do you favor vests and stick ties too???Herb

why cant I be Ben Turpin?

every body gets to be Ben Turpin but me…

mumbling whilst kickin’ dust up in the corral

and stompin grass apples


lookin’ back to see if’n somone is lookin

Nobody was faster. Mike