deft rattlecan clearcoat concern

I’ve always used Deft gloss spray lacquer as a clear sealer for my boards, but I’ve recently figured out a problem I thought I should share.

Fresh RR epoxy will make cured Deft turn yellow.

So, when you go to patch a board that has been sprayed with deft, make sure to take finish all the way down to the hotcoat.

I noticed that the Deft also yellowed over a fairly new epoxy hotcoat, and that’s why I went back to Aervoe. Sorry, I should have told you.


Isn’t Deft a nitrocellulose lacquer, or do they also have an acrylic product too? I always thought nitrocellulose lacquers were not good with anything that will see water often.


I dunno.

Shwuz recommended it once to me and his boards looked good, so I got some.

Mine came out a little yellow so I went back to the other stuff, but forgot to tell him. I thought it was because we used different epoxy underneath & his didn’t seem to have that problem.

How long did your Deft spray jobs last? In the 1980s I sprayed 100s of gallons of Deft on cabinets finally I stopped because it just was not durable enough and I was getting to many call backs. Can’t even understand why they even make the stuff anymore ,as there are so many better finishes. As for spraying surfboards with it I just can’t grasp that!! Aloha Wood_Ogre

W_O, its better than it used to be. I remember it used to have a weird sweet smell and was real milky, and would never be more than satin. Now they make an ultra-gloss that’s clearer & harder. Its user-friendly in that it self-levels well, and seems to ‘kick’ at a good rate - not so fast that a wet edge is tough, but not so slow that you get settling or slabbing. My only complaint with the ultra-gloss Deft is the yellowing.

As for the old stuff…I agree. It’s good for sealing particle board prior to putting on the ‘real’ treatment, but that’s about it.

anyone ever try this stuff

not to pricey…

and it’s UPOL in a spray can… $14

I’ve used it and its really expensive! 2 cans of the stuff turned out horrible on a longboard (I bet it would take 4 to get a good finish). However, you can buy the same stuff as a liquid, and it’ll put a smile on your face (except for the fact that its not the most healthy thing in the world :wink: )

Works good feels rock hard and can semi polish to nice semi gloss/gloss if your good

I tried the UPOL on my first batch of boards, way back when. Honestly couldn’t believe how quickly I burned through a can of that stuff, and wasn’t too impressed with the finish. I’ve got my method down with the deft, seems to wear pretty well, so no real complaints with it.

Oh yeah, except it yellows under fresh RR. shrugs

Howzit Benny, A few years back I was looking into using lacquer on saned finish boards. Talked to Fiberglass Hi about it and they told me they sold 2 kinds, the $25 a gal would was cheaper but would yellow after a short time but the $100 a gal wouldn't, Maybe it's just another you get what you pay for thing. Aloha,Kokua