Del Cannon midlength

Just picked up this midlength DC for 100 bucks. I noticed there was some guys here that worked in the shaping room with Del & was curious if anyone could tell me anything about it. A few random dings to fix, but no water in the foam anywhere and un really good overall shape. It has a really interesting tail with a heavy v to it on the bottom. Im guessing the enormous probably 12" fin is to compenstate for the v in the tail. No dims or signature on the stringer, so maybe experimental shape or made for someone? Definitely log inspired, 8’4"ish w/ 50/50 rails until the tail section where it gets pretty knifey. No leash plug & glass & foam seem a little light for the era, but im guessing late 70s/early 80s?

Reminds me of the ‘60s Harbour Rapier.

Nice looking board, no leash plug might be earlier than 70’s? Great board though, go get it wet!!!

Unfortunately, I’m landlocked in Kentucky. But, i got her all cleaned up today. Have to fix about 5-10 small dings, but I’ll definitely be giving it a go on the outer banks later this summer.

Oh wow, that is a long way from the ocean. I don’t know how you cope with that?! I hope the repairs go well and you get to ride soon :grinning:

I’m landlocked in KY too.
What city?

Louisville. I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a local surf club. Meet up n watch some footie or a comp, talk shit about how it sucks to be in Kentucky, and maybe plan some cheap group trips.

I’m in the middle of rural nowhere — Princeton, KY.
Landed my first big professional job here in 1989. Been stuck ever since…
BTW where did you find the board?

A guy here in louisville on Facebook marketplace. I keep a close eye on it and regularly get great deals. Ive scored a 9’2" takayama dt2 for $150, a Barahona shaped unridden 10’ Becker legacy w/triple stringers & wooden tail/nose blocks for $100, a really cool 8’6" Bing quad fish w/artwork by Chris DelMoro done for a voard show in France for $200 (even came with a new Pataguucci wetsuit), and a few other random not so cool boards. Not much maket in KY so the deals are usually stellar. Also, I looked at your profile and noticed you’re an Aggie. I’m a SeaAggie. Whoop!

Gig ‘em!
Where did you see a profile that identified me as an Aggie?
BTW That 60s Harbour Rapier that your DC looks like is a board my friend had and that I wish I had collected.
Still have the 9-8 Bing Nuuhiwa Noserider I bought used in ‘67 for $35 dollars and a slightly singed 5-6 Hansen Stratoglas twin I bought on sale in the early 70s. The rest of my collection of classic boards that I picked up cheap from buddies who stopped surfing vaporized in a house fire.

Clicked on your profile & other articles you’d written popped up. You mentioned it in the pop up workout article.

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Wow look at that, amazing! Seems like 1969ish to me, but I wish the experts were still around to comment. This seems like one of those thick crude midlengths that came out of the transition era as longboards were shrinking, and shapers just hadn’t figured out what to do with volume, tail shapes, rails, rockers, bottom V, everything was up for re-imagining.

Very cool as a piece of history, and worth riding to see what happens. Very definitely a rare find in this condition!

I started patching up an old Hansen from the same era, got 90% finished and never completed it, just dug it out recently to start working on it again.

8’ 2" transition era Hansen with “Ventral” fin & box - General Discussion - SWAYLOCKS

Got it cleaned up & cant wait to ride it. A few dings that need repair, but nothing major. No sun fading, no spots where water got under the glass, & very few pressures. I feel like it’s going to act like a longboard when going straight & pretty sure that v is going to mean it’s either go straight or be in a full on buried rail turn with no in-between. It definitely fits the bill for a good midlenth to lend my friends & kid to keep them off my nicer boards. Either way, it is a really cool board shaped by a legend that is in crazy good shape. Even cooler because i knew Del back in my college days 20ish years ago.

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