delamination problem: how to do?

hi everyone, i got a circled area on the deck of my longboard that seems to be an inside giant air- bubble and it’s separated from the foam. around these area i don’t see any crack or crash or similar in the resin. the area is about 3" ray.

what you suggest, please

is it a solution to do a little cut along a part of this sort of air-bubble and put the resin inside and press the laminated deck to adhere the surface of the foam ???


drill a hole through the delammed glass, squirt some lam resin in there, and then weigh down the delammed area so that it will re-bond itself to the foam.

Howzit evilkid, Soulstice has the right idea just drill 2 holes, 1 to inject the resin into and 1 for the exit so you don't get any air trapped. After injecting resin put wax paper over it and then a sand bag to press the glass to bond with the foam. Aloha,Kokua

yeah, sorry for slackin’ on the details… drill your two holes at opposite ends of the delam. if it’s oval-shaped (which it probably is), drill them at the two farthest points. the wax paper will keep any resin that comes out from bonding to the sandbag.

oh, yeah, it’s the same idea i got. but do you think it could be right to attach the delaminated cloth to the foam? is this just necessary…and stop?

thanks again

I have done just as stated on more then one board. I would also use carry it a few steps farther. I would use a little chopped glass in my resin. Once the resin has kicked check to see if there is a dent. If there is just sand down to the cloth, and fill it back up with pieces of cloth that has been cut in the shape of the dent. Start with small pieces and would up until they cover the dend. Now lay down a little resin then a piece of cloth, repeat one right after the next until they are all layed down alow to kick and sand down. Good luck.