Delamination.... Right or wrong?

Ok so, Since my last post about delaminating a surfboard I have had an internal conflict I need to address/resolve. How do you feel about popping the glass off a board to modify a fellow shapers creation? Part of me sees no harm in this but the other side feels I will be thrusted into the depths of “shaping hades”. I try to convince myself that “hey, they did alright, I just need to fix what they could of done better” or “This would be a kickass retro fish tail… CUT IT OPEN”. I just cant shake this guilty feeling of discrediting someone else’s shop time.

What do you think?

wouldnt it be easyer to just shape a new board?

but if you own it ,do what you want with it

Many of the older shapers (some younger ones too!) have taken old boards, stripped and reshaped them. Sometimes for the better.

If it’s yours, you can do anything you want. Just note that by the time you strip the old glass, what you reshape will be almost nothing like what you had.

My turn to concur with Charlie. That is why when I strip the glass off of an old board, I consider it a “blank” and not the skeletal remains of the previous shape. As soon as I cut into the old glass, that particular board ceases to exist in my mind. Just my two cents.