Design questions

I’ve been working on a few designs and had a couple of questions to put to the crew here at Sways.

There have been a few threads on quad fish lately with some good info, but I have one little unanswered question.

Say I am taking a retro fish outline that I have, (making it a little more narrower overall) and wanted to put double bumps on each side. Do I keep the same outline curve, with the bumps pulling it, or should the curve be pulled in and then the bumps added pulling it in even more? Might be a dumb either or, type question. My first ‘feeling’ has been to keep the same curve and add bumps/wings…The board (as a retro Fish with quad setup) has gotten a good report from the friend that I made it for, and would like to try another version for the next season.

Next question; what is a good pod size on a shortboard? The board is for east coast surf, weaker often mushy, occasionally bigger and pitchy. I know that for small surf you want a bigger tail for quicker planing, but that measurement is always 12" up. I am thinking about 6" for the pod with a tail (12" up) of around 15". Good stuff, or back to the drawing board? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any info/advice.

I would say that your instinct is right on about the bump wings. They should draw the outline in at each set of wings. What dou you mean by pod?

Another Canadian huh? That’s cool. Where do you go to surf?

I guess I will just continue with my gut feelings and see how they ride. :slight_smile:

The pod is the flat part at the end of square tailed board.

My friends and I go down to New Hampshire and Maine, occasionally to the river here in Montreal (when the poo factor isn’t too high) and we are planning a trip to Mexico in the spring.

What about you? Ride the lake near TO?

Yeah, a couple of times. That’s the lake in my avatar pic. Soon I’ll move back to the sea…