Design Retro Fish Dimensions

Im interested in building a retro fish, Im just unsure about the dimensions to use. Im 180lbs & just under 6ft, looking to surf 4-6ft beach break. Im looking to build a board that will get me into more waves, but I`d like to keep the length of the board down. How short can I actually make the board & what kind of thickness should I be aiming at? Thanks to anybody for your help, all comments welcome. Phil

mail me at I’ll send you some data on fish templates.

Design Retro Fish Nice Photo, but it is hardly retro except for twins.

Though Machado is riding a Skip twin. You can see the faint Frye wings on the stringer… Just gliding…

It’s a Skip Fryre twin keel fish with marine ply Gepahrt (or Gephart stye) keels…

“Fryre” ha, ha, sorry… You can see the keels and low rocker here…looks pretty “retro” to me.

Hi Phil Not sure if those pics have anything to do with your question. You wanted a fish to help you catch more waves? Not sure that’s the intended use of a really short surfboard. What are you riding now, are you happy with it’s wavecatching and paddling? Guys your size easily ride 5’6" x21.5" fishes. But they can surf well. You have to consider length, width, thickness, outline, and your surfing ability first.

Phil, You clicked on the discussion link, right? Relative sizes and plans for a Lis fish kneeboard can be found there in a discussion started shortly before you posted this. The photo was an illustration of Frye twin keel fish in action, that’s why it was posted.

nice photos where did those shots come from