desperatley seeking space

neighbors getting upset about the “smell”. need to find cheep space to do my resin work in alameda calif. any know where to start? got to be alameda.

Switch over to Epoxy, no smells, no problems with the neighbours.


Have you tried the old Alameda Naval Air Base, thru the tunnel, first stoplight go right, then head straight past the ex guard gate?

Another bud of mine shapes near Swensen’s, in those industrial tin buildings. Drive in, park, and old style loft spaces.

I’m in Berkeley, would like to find a shaping/glassing space also, but haven’t shaped or glassed since 1977.

If your happy with the way you are ding things at home, instead of paying rent on an industrial unit, why not invest the same money in extraction, difusion, and mabey nosie insulation (egg cartons)

Clark state that by forcing the extrated air through a thiner tube, the smell can be diserpated by faster moving air. check the clark letters on environmental issues on their web site, check the local papers and e-bay for extrators ect to get some cheap.

all I get when I go “” is the U.K. site. just an on line catalog of blanks basicaly. which clark site are you referencing?

I am realy interested in an extraction/purifying unit if I can get one.


epoxy has 2 draw backs.(basic economics 101)…

1: the cost. 1gal of epoxy is about 60-75$ plus hardner.

poly is about 30$

2: 99% of all boards out there are still poly

when 99% of boards are epoxy and the price comes down on epoxy then maybe it will be time to switch.

Oaktown- I worked in HVAC industry for a few years. A couple things I would consider.

1 Go to a local HVAC company and ask them if they have any blowers that they can sell you. Used or ones they upgraded. You can move a lot of air and do your own ductwork. The blower can be set up so all you have to do is plug it into a socket. The ductwork you can run anywhere. You can run a system for around 75 bucks and it will move a lot more air than any other evac system out there.

2 Look into UV lights that have UVV and UVC capabilities. You can’t look at the light directly or it will damage your eyes. Not only does it kill just about everything living in the air but it breaks up chemicals. They use them a lot in nail salons. Just make a wooden box to put your light in and run the air through it. If you have been in a nail salon you would know the chemical smells are huge in their. I have installed quite a few .

3 Run your exhaust as high as you can get away with. There is a reason that factories have tall smoke stacks. Just high enough not to draw attention.

I hope this helps

You are right that epoxy is more expensive than polyester ($127 for a 1 1/2 gallon kit of Sysetem 3 SB 112 which includes both epoxy and hardener) if you consider only the upfront costs. But when you take into consideration other factors the cost comparison is much more favorable for at least two reasons:

  1. Epoxy is much more efficient and easier to work with than polyester. You will waste far less epoxy when glassing a board than you would with polyester.

  2. The boards you make with epoxy will LAST much longer that those made with polyester (of course, this really only applies if you are working on a non-commercial basis), since epoxy is much, much stronger than polyester. (Or you can use less epoxy to build a board that is similar in strength to one built with polyester. once again reducing its costs per board and also resulting in lighter boards.)

Also factor in added costs such as having to drive eleswhere to glass with polyester, your time spent driving there, rent, etc…

Sorry Oaktown the down loads are on the US site, I was not able to attach it because it’s too large (doh) the address is:

it is the October 04 letter at the bottom of the page in PDF format and has a section about dealing with nabours complaining about fumes. hope this hepls