Dewey Weber 9' 4" original '60s board?

I just bought this board from someone off CGlist, and it looks like a real original 60’s Dewey Weber. It definitely is heavy and looks old. Check out the fin, it’s glassed on with no screw or bolt. I think it’s an original. Anyone know?  Anyone know how much it might be worth? I’m going to put it on the wall in my living room but I’m also going to fix the couple of small dings and take it out and see how it surfs in the small stuff. Any responses are appreciated. thanks

I like the way the fin appears to be dropped in between the two stringers, as opposed to just glassed on to the surface.  Looks very strong.  Nice looking old board, good score.

looks like the original fin was removed, probably as a repair, and a box fin with the base trimmed  was installed… and done well…

The original fin was a large surface area  D  fin.      It has been ‘‘modernized’’ with a trailing edge cutout.     A common upgrade, back in the day.

I’ve had a couple other people tell me the fin had been replaced. I didn’t really believe them because it looks nearly perfectly in there. I guess it was a really good job done. Anyone know when that fin was put in (by the age of the fin?)? Anyone able to put a value on the board plus fin as is?

Thrailkill gave the correct answer.

My friend has an original Weber Iggy model with the same shaped speed fin I will have to check and see if it was mounted the same way

I don’t think the fin was replaced.  I’m inclined to agree with thrailkill. Looks like a cut down fin. Could have been done at the factory, or after.

A number of board companies used to market the fact that their fins were routed in, rather than surface mounted. Yater is one that comes to mind.

A couple more pics of the fin, showing the whole outline, would help.

The fin was cut down, you can tell by the huge trailing edge of flush black fiberglass  in the board.  It looks like it was done right, and it looks like there is glass over the cut off portion to seal it up. So either it was done at the shop, or someone who really knew what they were doing did it.  But the fin did start out at some point as a D fin.

Added some pics here.

Also, dimensions: 9’ 4" x 21 1/2" x 2 1/4" - 2 1/2".

Like I said on the other forum, if you’re around Brevard county you should take that by MTB and let Donnie Mulhern see it. He probably glassed it and might be able to tell you more about the board.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say the fin is original. When the speed type fins really started to take over, many labels did fins very much like that one. I’ve seen a few G and S from the period that had a really long base relative to the rest of the fin.

Try to envision that fin with the rear filled in to compose a D fin. The tip extends too far past the tail in relation to the routed-in base.

Look’s a lot like the “Iggy” model fin and the blank alot like the first “performer” Me knows Weber used that “routed out” style tab or what ever. Maybe modified before lamination???  

Dug up a very old photo you can see the “tab” (whata kook)

See old thread on Weber tail-blocks, stringers, routed fins, etc.:

I’m with SammyA all the way, routed and sunk in the board at birth.  Probably just prior to the “press box” that proceeded the wonderbolt.