Dewey Weber Ski 7'6 Dimensions??


for my first board-building-project i’d like to do something like the Dewey Weber Ski in 7’6.


My problem is, that it is very hard (seems nearly impossible) to get informations due to the dimensions, bottom shape, fins etc.

Does anyone can give me some hints?


I know, it seems to be strange to plan buliding a board without knowing the exact dimensions and details, but I’ve seen Nat Young riding this board in “morning of the earth”, so what shall I do?


All the best,


Can’t help you with the exact dimensions but I rode one back in the '70s and the bottom was a lot of belly from the nose to approximately the last third of the board where it smoothed out into almost flat; maybe a touch of V in the tail, but I don’t remember it. As a consequence, rails were low in the tail and very high in the nose; Eggy and pinchy, if I remember well. Now, that was the ORIGINAL Ski, not the recent re-introduction that might be slightly different (haven’t seen one, actually).

oh, thank you for your answer, that will help me a lot!

I have one more question, maybe you can remember:

What about the rocker?

In this time, I think that the boards hadn’t any tailkick?

I would expect something like 5’’ 1/2 noserocker, no tailrocker and 3’’ 1/3 thick?


If, I say IF, you want the board to ride well, don’t exceed 5’’ nose rocker, and use a tail rocker of 2’’ to 2.25’'.       This is the rocker I used on boards I made for SoCal, and Hawaii.     The boards worked well in waves ranging from 3 foot beachbreaks, to 15 foot waves at Sunset.     Same board, same single fin, in all conditions.


I seriously doubt he was riding a Weber in that movie.

from the dewey weber homepage (

his was the board Nat was riding in the cult surf video “Morning of the Earth.””


from thee informations I found and got here, I tried to design a Board like the ski in 7’6.

What do you think? Can that work?


It’s my first design job, and I wonder if I’m talented or not…