dhd foam (attn kr & dave verral)

Do you guys know any thing about dhd foam I use burford and like it what is the comparison . next thing why do people reply to te and his myth of the fp ignore it and it will go away.

by dhd foam do you mean the foam that base is making? if so i havent used it. ive heard lots of stories but nothing i can prove or tried myself so i cant comment on it. however burfords is the best foam i have used for consistency and stability. http://www.feraldave.com

Dave what about the casey foam you’ve been using? How does it compare? And what is this additive D and please supply some info about it.

I’ve had the chance to suss out the BASE foam while spraying Maurice Coles in Torquay. The stringers are fiveply & look good…There were several I where I had to cover up dodgy bits where the glue had gone yellow, but I reckon these were minor teething pains. I only ever saw them as Preshapes so I can’t tell you how clean the blanks look when uncut, so the mystery remains. Josh http://www.speedneedle.com.au

I rang around yesterday the company making foam for base is pure technologies, I’ll give it a go but reacon you have to go along way to beat burford