Dick Brewer Restor/Repair help

Well I had a customer bring this board to me the other day wanting to bring it back to life, I took it hesitnatly cause it needs alot of work. He told me just to give him a fair price on how much to repair/restor. I think the only way to truely restor would be to totally reglass the board. Is it worth it? I was thinking about just making it cosmetically look decent and water tight. Just woundering what you guys would charge for this. I have pics attached. Also Does anyone have any idea as to the value of this board. It is about 5’8 along with the dings in the pics it has delam from about midway back. any help on ideas on bringing this board back to life would be awesome-josh

heres more pics

few more

sad to say, that looks pretty toasted, unless it means a lot to the guy. i would just close up the dings any ole way and give it to a little kid who wants to learn to surf. thats how my son learned–he found a 5’6 in a trash can and we fixed it up with clear resin and he learned on it and then passed it on to another kid on the beach…sort of ‘pay it forward’ sport needs more of that

thats kinda what i was thinking-josh

I did a similar pintail Brewer with the same level of damage not long ago. The main question to ask is if it will be a wall hanger or not. If so, the second question is will they accept it with only the deckside restored? If the answers are yes and yes: (1) Saw off the fin (2) Grind out all the deck/rail dings (3) Match filler to the colors, fill, sand (4) Sand the whole deck and rails (5) Glosscoat and polish. Cost estimate: $200 - 275.

If they want to ride it, it’s a big difference. Basically, fix everything (including the old repairs). You have a choice for the next step: Match the original colors with acrylics, mask the logo and paint both sides, re-pinline, clear lam 4 oz both sides, hotcoat, glosscoat, polish. -Or- Mask the logos and opaque color lam, pinline, etc. Either way, I would charge $400+ depending on the damage level (incl. fin). You don’t want a bunch of repairs blended back into the old glass if it’s going in the water, and that’s why you reglass the whole thing.

If this guy just wants another board to ride, give it back. Restorations are a lot of work, take a long time and a lot of space. You could make the $400 in less time just fixing simple dings. There is also a “surpise” factor everytime you do a restoration; rotting glass, crumbling foam, etc. The rationale for restorations is: Historical value (personal or otherwise), collector value, the customer doesn’t care about the cost. Ding repair is crappy work nobody wants to do, restorations just kick it up a notch. I turn away more restorations than I accept.

That looks like it needs a lot of TLC which = $$$

Maybe beter to replicate it If he wants to surf it

Otherwise just fluff and buff the deck and hang it