Did everyone get the memo on "windytv.com"?

go there, amazing site for current and future conditions. hope it is accurate. ha

My favorite weather site by far.

I took this screen grab feb 21 2016.

Many more features available on it since then. I like toggling between the GFS and EWMCF models

I’ve been using it a couple of years. Its accuracy is astounding. The site gets better and better all the time. Some really cool surf and swell predicting tools on the sidebar now.

Nice tip. Thank you Mr.Tate. Hadn’t heard of them before. WAVECAST.com is another good site.

havent seen that thanks for sharing looks great!

Windyty is my primary source for weather. It is not prone to hype the way television weathermen and sites like weather.com are. Last winter we had a major storm that the TV weathermen and weather.com were hyping big time. Windyty was saying days in advance that it wasn’t going to be bad. Sure enough windyty had it nailed way in advance right down to the hour the wind was going to change directions.