Did Ya See That Board At...

Has anyone seen that “Swamis” board at Hansen’s surf shop?. . Does anyone here know the story behind this board. Was it made by a local shaper/luthier or is it a super duper top of the line Surftech made for Hansen’s with a Hansen’s and Swamis logo??? at first I thought Sweet! then I kinda thought nah that thing is way to blingady bling blingish and was not my taste but was perfect for that socal I don’t surf but check out my surfboard Pair Hilton type thing going on. I don’t know?


When I talk to John Kies over at Encinitas who also has one, he said they were done by Ancell/Yater for shops as an advertisement board. I saw that board at Hansen’s when I stopped there they had a nice chambered balsa as well.

Kies said they bring over a finished surftech the sand it down as much as possible. Lay the shell veneer over the top and reglass it to seal it again. The board ends up to be “classic” weight so you can’t tell it’s a surftech underneath. But it’s a disguised surftech. His board with his shop logo weighed about 35 lbs.

Kind of sounds like what I did with my “think pink” 10’ Jim Turnbull Countrysurfboards tanker.

Except I bagged pink Madrone wood on the bottom and reglassed the board making it weigh more like 50lbs…

That shell is expensive stuff…

Shipman – Kevin Ancell travels down from Pacifica to Santa Barbara every month of so to work on Mr. Renny Yater’s boards, both custom hand shaped Balsa, foam, and some wood veneered surftech. Priced accordingly, Renny is working on his second big art show coming this summer.

The latest project is focused on well known surf locations with boards made and overlays by Kevin and glass work by Tony Channin’s crew. Kevin works in a very small area of the shop, methodically masterminding his talent into some amazing finished products. When Kevin’s around, I sometimes go over and talk story and watch how he works. He doesn’t make many waves, just keeps moving as if it’s no big deal. He gives a lot of respect to Yater and underplays his roll but he is a one of a kind master craftsman who I think is having a lot of fun too.

This summer’s show will couple the talent of Yater / Ancell and landscape painter John Comer, who’s painting I often, put in my avatar. I believe Comer is on location painting for this show. It should be great and will keep you posted as it draws closer.


. The board is beautiful and definitely shows the work of a master craftsman but somehow to me it had a bit of Surftech vibe to it, not that it’s a bad thing. and So now I know. Thanks for the info.

What is that irredecent material that the letters and rails are coverd in? Pavel does that sometimes. I was always curious but I never bothered to ask.