Difference between 8.75" and 10.75" Futures fin boxes

What are the differences and/or advantages between one size or the other, apart from the size obviously?  I was under the impression that all Futures longboard fins have the same base size for fitment into any Futures longboard fin box but don’t get why the boxes are available in two sizes.  

I initialy thought that maybe as with some longboard boxes, it’s possible to slide the fin forwards or backwards with the larger box but I can’t tell, can’t find anything on the www which explicitly describes the difference between the two.

Cheers :-) 

The difference is the length, which translates (depending on the fin) to length of travel and adjustment forwards and backwards. Not all fins have the same base, so not all have the same amount of travel. Some fins have no travel.

Usually the shorter boxes are used in boards that will use a smaller fin that has a smaller base… Even on smaller boards I still run a larger box. I don’t see many of the short ones.


Nice one, thanks for clarifying.