different Krylon Clear Sprays?

I searched for Kylon Acrylic Clear Coat for finish spraying my board after the hotcoat and came across a few different options. One is called “Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray” (Gloss), and the other is called “Krylon UV-resistant Clear” (Gloss or Matte). What is the difference?..and which is reccommended for surfboards? Below are the products…



I plan to sand the hotcoat to 220 grit, spray a few coats of Krylon Clear, then wetsand and polish. Any help is appreciated.

I’ve used the Crystal Clear, but if you are going to do more than one board this way, check this out:


The price is better than the Krylon (as far as I know), but you have to buy a case. I think it sprays and behaves about the same as Crystal Clear. The Neither the Crystal Clear nor the Aervoe product will yellow (I haven’t had it happen yet), but will transmit UV radiation (the products don’t say UV anything on them, so I assume as much), so the stuff underneath the coating will get hit by UV and possibly yellow/fade. It looks like Krylon put some UV absorbers into their product for the UV-Resistant type.

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$36?? yikes. It sounds nice but I would stick to the Krylon just for the price…

Krylon Crystal Clear is a solvent based acrylic enamel. The UV-resistant clear has a UV inhibitor (probably Tinuvin) added to it to protect what you’re spraying it on from ultraviolet light. The Matte has a matting agent (probably silica) to kill the shine of the paint.

All will work as a top coat. They are typically used to seal Posca pen art done on the sanded hotcoat like the stuff you see on Lost boards.

If you’re planning to wet sand and polish the board you’re way better off using gloss resin.

$36 for the case of 12 cans… not a bad deal, compared to the $5 a can for Crystal Clear at Michael’s/Hobby Lobby…


Thanks for the help guys. I think I will go with the crystal clear (matte finish). I will use gloss coat on longer boards, but probably just the clear sealer on shorter boards to seal the pinlines from paint pens. In the past, I’ve just sanded the hotcoat to 600 wet and polished from there with good results, but it showed dry weave in some spots, so I hope to eliminate that with the clear coat.

my mistake, should have read into it further…

Fishguts - my wife airbrushes and uses posca pens for my logo and she sprays it with folkart clearcote acrylic sealer (green can matte finish non-yellowing) - I think she gets it at Michael’s Crafts - been using it for years - no yellowing and it has held up really well but I use it on the deck and I don’t fine sand it. I think it would be really easy to sand through and leave your art work vulnerable.

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Go to K-Mart and get Dutch Boy Acrylic Enamel (spray cans). About half the price of Krylon and works better, in my opinion.

This was recommended here by Herb Spitzer years ago and I’ve never gone back to Krylon in any form - my son did Posca graphics for a few years and I just got one of his boards in for a repair and the Dutch Boy was fresh as new after 3+ years…


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