dig kit question

I’ve never had this happen before but yesterday I used the resin and hardener from a ding repair kit to fix some small dings in a friends board. I added the mixture acourding to what the kit said but it’s been over 12 hours and it still hasn’t gone off yet(and now i don’t expect it to). Does resin or hardener go bad? Also, what the best way to clean the wet resin off to start over?

The stuff can go bad.

Getting it off depends if it’s still in a liquidish state or gelled state. If liquidish - wipe off as best you can and use a little acetone to remove any residue. If gelled - you’re going to have to sand it off, which is going to gum up a bunch of sandpaper.

Trying doing a test batch on something other than the board to see if you can get it to kick. If it doesn’t kick this second time and you’re confident with you mixture ratios, it could be old stuff.

Best luck,


Its like HerbB said the stuff can and does go bad. I once picked up a new gal of gloss, and it would not kick to save my butt. If it does not kick give this a try. Get some new resin and mix up a hot batch, use a lot more MEKP then normal. Put this right on over the wet repair. Let is set up and act like nothing happened. Sand and finish off normaly. Good Luck.