Dilemma. Top Lam

Big problem. To begin with I airbrushed my blank, put the bottom lam on which caused excess resin to cure on the top airbrush. I tried to sand off as much as possible but I guess it was not enough. (started ripping the top foam off) I figured the top lam would blend the bumps of excess resin in. Now with the top lam down you can see the excess resin on the top from the bottom lam which was not completely sanded off. So should I sand through the top lam to get rid of the excess resin bumps from the bottom lam and then add more fiberglass? Or, should I add the hot coat to the top of the board and then sand trough the fiberglass to get rid of the excess resin from the bottom lam? Then most likely I will lose a lot of the airbrush color of the blank. Help! Thanks all.

Hot coat it, sand it (fine) and try lightly re-airbrushing on sanded hot coat before gloss. If not too gnarly, it may save it.

Howzit RIsurfer, There’s a trick for your problem but it’s to late now. In the future you can just push those blobs into the foam, but better yet next time you lam a painted board make sure you spread the excess resin flat with your squegee, not only will there be no resin bumps but the excess resin will protect the paint when you take down the lap from the bottom lay up.Don’t even try to sand them out thru the deck lay up since this will weaken the integrity of your lamintion on the deck.Aloha, Kokua