dimensions of an alaia

ok so i just finished shaping this board, its 6’x12"x3/4". i live on the west coast of florida and am not gonna get and waves for a month or longer. so i was wondering does this sound to narrow to actually stand on.

(Chris) Ha!  Yes I’ll bring them and you can try them too!  I have a race I have to help with on Sat. but should be there Friday and Sunday.

(Gdog) Here are the pic of both 1 and 2

First and second pic is #2 and third pic is deck of #1


when I was trying to put mine together some of the dudes that seemed to have them more dialed were talking about 15"-18" in width, but whatever…rock it!

you'll be fine as soon as you make another for the other foot


haha very funny lol. i have faith in my design, home depot didn’t have anything wider and its my first so im stoked. :slight_smile:

Looks cool!

Ride it, and if you want to make it wider, cut it down the middle, you can put another strip of timber down the middle, and shape it in to match… if you have the woodworking skills and tools (or access to them). If you don’t have a shop, you could attempt it with power tools… make a guide or jig, and circular saw or even jigsaw it, plane it smooth and flat with the electric planer, or even block plane, glue and clamp the middle peice in, and see how it goes from there. Might end up a disaster, but if it ends up being too narrow to ride waves, you’ve got nothing to lose.

what would i use to seal the planks together? would gorilla glue work? 

Titebond III

it’s readily available at the home despot…there’s Titebond I, II and III

I’m pretty sure the TBIII is the one that’s waterproof/submergeable.

If you check the archives you’ll see whats lovingly refered to as the home depot alaia  blank.  Its about 5 pieces of laminated yellow pine 6’ x 18" x 3/4".   I shaped a couple out of these and the joint sheld up fine.  Lowes sells them up to 8’ but never water tested these.   I got my hands on some paulownia and for the glue ups I’ve used tight bond 3 cleans up a lot easier than gorilla.   A lot of guys used marine epoxy but I don’t remember anyone trying gorilla glue.

If nothing else looks like it could be a fun belly slider( which is what you’ll probably do for the first couple sessions any way)   Whats the wood and finish?

ps. find a friend with a tablesaw or even a skilsaw (and a guide) and you can split your plank and splice in more timber no problem.

look for cedar…light and good in water…can seal with a couple coats of cheap varnish.


 i heard it once said its not the tools you have but the tools your firends have…Earlier this week, I took the surfaced unglued boards for 3 blanks into a friends cabinet shop to straighten the edges on the joiner and table saw( some had pretty crazy natural edge)  was done i less than 45minutes.

Gary’s eps / solid veneer 1" thickness




haha very funny lol. i have faith in my design, home depot didn't have anything wider and its my first so im stoked. :)


=) right on!


that is such a cool board! does he sell those foam alaias?

Slap on some trucks & wheels then go and bomb some hills.

if it doesn’t work out then i might just do that. i have an extra set of longboard trucks sitting around :slight_smile:

Wasn’t sure if you were referring to the Gary (Young?) boards above or the Jon Wegener ones…JW definitely sells his.



Well both I guess 'cus they are both great, but specifically the foam one Jon made.

ok of these woods which is best for a board? (already thinking of my next board)

  • American Cherry
  • American Walnut
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Eucalyptus
  • Hard Maple
  • Hickory
  • Mahogany
  • Red Oak
  • Pine
  • Rosewood
  • Walnut
  • White Oak