Dimensions& Wide Point Of The Moon?

Is there anyone out there that has the dimensions for the Moon? I’d like to copy it. where is the wide point located, what are the correct crater placements and what are the exact contours of the dark side? I need to know soon because I want to replace it with the new.


Could you please tell me the exact dimensions of Haley’s Comet, so I can copy it on my CAD computer and print out the specs for everyone, so they’d KNOW I’m just brilliant?

Here you have a photo, i’m sure you can get a clean template with your CAD program.

This template is from a 11.404.199’ 6’’ round tail moon and they used a foam with 3,34 g/cm3 density.

It’s average speed is about 3.683 km/hour that i think is way faster than any wooden board with a tunnel fin (sorry Dale, but i think is faster than your surfmats too).

The dark side has a multiple “golf ball” concave system that allows you to create speed during orbital turns.

I know nothing about crater placement, but i hope this helps.


It will never work. Not enough distinct nose area. No man will ever walk on The Moon…

I think if you use that rocker stick thingie from that other thread that I don’t remember which one right now BUT you really need to get as close a reproduction as you can and be in just the right position to “site” across the edge to reproduce the high points and valleys correctly IMHO just my 2 cents worth hope you don’t mind a garage shaper with no CAD experience - horning in my wife - warned me not to say anything but I can’t sleep because the moonlight is streaming in the windows kind of thing…woke up just now confused but bright eyed took a piss and thanked god that that last cookie was still down by the dog dish looked good so I ate it yummy/Dirty Harry (Well do you feel lucky, punk?). song lyrics - Why am I such a misfit…

New paragraph - I know this idea will work and I am a genius cause my mother told me so when she needed me to do something that I didn’t want to do - see attached drawing for proof.

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Whoops, I give up.

Ahhh, you guys are just stuck on the “classic” moon. I’m interested in making one that’s smaller, much lighter weight, and more performance-oriented. I need templates & rocker curves for something with a much more pulled-in nose and tail.

Of course, it goes without saying, that I would also get some job security out of this, because this new moon would only last a few seasons, and I’d get repeat orders much more often. Unless that dang Bert down in Oz figures out how to make a sandwich moon.

You need CAD just to draw Haley’s Comet? I would have thought an old barnacle like yourself could just wing it. :wink:

Ah, you kids don’t know squat, we used to ride “moonies” back in the sixties, but they don’t go good backside (that’s why you only see one side of the moon, duh!) so we gave up on them decades ago…

thanks guys. I think I got it now…I was just about to call KKL to see if they would take their scaner up on one of those NASA rocketships to do a scan of the moon…but thanks to Daddio there is no need to call NASA…Daddio you are truly a freaking genius. thanks. I love that drawing. that needs to be in the Swalocks National Art Museum… I am ready to replace the old with the Moon

Daddio’s Drawing: