Ding advice

Sometimes the simplest of dings can be the hardest to figure out. Just after advice/opinions on what to do with this ding on the deck.
Do I a) fill it with resin
b) resin then glass cloth over the top
c) dig out old glass and fill with q cell or foam chunk/wedge
d) anything else??
I’ve fixed quite a few dings before but it’s never too late to learn new/better techniques.
Thanks in advance

Fill it, then a small glass patch if it’s in a spot where your feet make contact often. Small dings like that aren’t worth a lot of fuss.

Personally, I would cut a VERY small amount around the outside, and after that follow sammies advice. I think cutting it would not only get rid of the cracked glass look under that, but be more structurally sound.

…hello, ALL the repairs should have a flat and sanded clean surface.
You always need to sand to achieve that and to provide an area lower than the rest of the board if not how do you suppose to get rid of the bump generated?

Personally, even with small dings like this; I would sand it first, cut away any weak glass, fill it with Q-cell, sand smooth then glass over it. Yeah its a lot of work for a small ding but i like my repairs to be strong and clean looking.

If you like the board, all dings are worth the effort.

cut out the loose glass and smooth out the edges with some 80grit and fill with qcell/resin mix before sanding the area for the glass patch. Reverb is right you will be left with a bump if you don’t sand down the repair area deepest at the fill tapering back to maybe 1/2" past the fill for the size of the ding. 1 small patch of glass the size of the fill as that is the deepest point, and another layer the size of the whole sanded area etc etc Im sure you know the rest if you have done a few repairs before

Fix it! Now.