Ding advice

Hello, I’m a new poster to the forum, long time lurker for information. I’m hoping you guys can help me out with this one. I just picked up a used board at a great price, guessing because of this ding. I’m not sure it’s that bad though.

Here is a picture for reference: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16052197/share/ding.jpg

The only place I can barely catch a nail is where it’s outlined in the photo. Could i just rough that area up with some sandpaper, and paint on a coat of sanding resin, and be done with it?? Or will the resin not stick to the fin plug?

Thanks in advance!


That box took a shot.  If it were me I would carefully grind out the loose material and any cracks with a dremel and put new glass in and I might even put another football patch of 2 oz cloth over the whole box then re hot coat the area and give the whole bottom a light sanding and then give the whole bottom a couple of coats of acrylic.

That’s the thing there are no looses materials, the glass isn’t soft either, everything is very much intact. I think it looks worse than it is. It’s just ever so slightly raised, just enough to catch a nail where I circled. 

That’s why I’m wondering if I sand it and brush with resin, if it will do the trick. There is a thin coat of glass over all fin boxes right? I should be able to get some grip on each side for the resin to hold onto right?



**Loose? It's not loose it is fractured! You asked for advise and Mako224 told you what to do and me agree, add the football and watch the grub screw hole eh?**


Cheers guys. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the help!

I would remove the fin and grind away the cracked resin.   Stick a screwdriver in the slot and carefully pry back and forth to make sure the box itself isn’t cracked and that it isn’t moving.  If it is, you have a bigger problem on your hands.

That area of glass that looks whiter than the rest is all loose material.  Grind it out.  I’d also open up the other stress cracks as well.  Fill everything back up with glass.  In a pinch you could use the Solar-rez that has chopped fibers in it.  Fom there I’d fill the box and the screw hole with clay and then I’d put a football patch of 2 oz over the whole box.

That’s just what I’d do.  I’m not afraid of doing surgery on a board.  Resin over that damage would only be a bandaid.  It wouldn’t keep water out over time and it would put back none of the strength lost because of the fracture.  There is a lot of stress on the glass around a box as the fin flexes…resin over the damage would get opened up right away and the board would suck water.  Resin itself has very little strength.