Ding and spider crack repair questions

Just picked up a chemistry short board for a sweet deal. Only thing is there’s a ding on the tail from the leash and spider cracking on the bottom of the nose rocker on the bottom(my nails catch). I definitely would like to learn how to repair both of these issues. I’m a total novice when it comes to repairing so any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks

First of all; Let’s jump ahead a bit.  When you are finished repairing this board be sure to use a “Rail Saver” on your leash.  And tie the string that attaches the leash to the leash cup very SHORT.  Sand the area around the rail ding back three or four inches beyond the actual ding.  With a Stanley knife, cut and remove any debris(ie loose foam, fiberglass etc.  Fill the ding with a Q-cell solution.  Resin and Q-cell mixed thick to the point that it is Spackle like.  Use masking tape at the bottom and rail to form a mold for the Q-cell mix.  Make sure to  use a little extra MEK hardner in the mix to insure that it sets. Use a tongue depressor to apply to the ding/mold.  After it has hardened, sand the Q-cell filler to match the rail.  You may need to touch up areas of the repair with additional Q-cell filler to get it filled properly.  Put two layers of 4 oz over it.  Be sure not to extend the cloth beyond the area that you have sanded.  It will not stick.  Hot coat and sand.  If you were careful when you sanded, the decorative area around the leash plug may not be damaged.  Since the rail is black;  I would tape off the rail/ding and spray paint the repair to match.  Done carefully, you’ll never even know there was a repair done.  The nose area should be sanded and covered with a layer of 4oz and hot coated.  The nose has been buckled.  You may or may not be able to sand the stress cracks out.  If you can the repair will be unnoticeable.  About as simplistic as one paragraph can be.  Lowel

Haha thanks Mc Ding. Ill order the stuff and get on it.Ill let you know if i have any questions. Appreciate it

So a quick list of things i need is 

Qcell, 4oz glass,MEK hardener

For resin what kind of resin should i get? Surfboard gloss resin. Surfboard sanding resin Solarrez?

For hot coat is that just laminate?


A pint of Polyester laminating resin and a pint or 1/2 pint of sanding resin.  It looks like the black around the rail may be Carbon Tape.  Can’t really tell from the pic.  But it doesn’t matter.  Just repair as I described.  Tape it of and paint the rail black with semi-gloss spray can.

Ok cool thanks. and then same ployster and laminating resin for the nose?

A pint of each is more than enough.  One yard of 4oz.  You’ll have left over for next time.

Which is easier to work with Uv cure or regular resin?


Either or both.  Keep it simple.  Just buy regular Poly laminating resin and Poly sanding resin.

Thanks man I appreciate the help

YouTube some ding repair videos.  Fiberglass Hawaii.

Use this;  Shoot a little extra when you are using a filler like Q-cell or when doing a hot coat.

Thanks made some headway on prep wondering if I should attempt to continue to attempt to sand the cracks out of the nose or glass over it.

Would it be possible just to hot coat the front? Or would that weaken the board too much since I already sanded 

Those cracks WILL leak , sand back until you can JUST see the cloth including the rails at least up to mid point , slower but safer if you do it by hand , than add a layer of 4 onz cloth over the whole area , DO NOT cut the cloth in a straight line across the board , make V shape or curve , glass the cloth to the area wrapping the rails , then fill coat , sand the whole patch  feather out the edges , gloss coat , wax , surf . If it were me doing the job I would sand  and glass the whole bottom .

Thanks yea i read about butterflying the glass so definetly gonna do that. I think doing the whole bottom is a little much for me being that this is my first time but should i wrap glass over the nose of the board in front?

Just go halfway up the rails right to the tip , it will be easier to feather out the edge to make it disappear , looking at your pic it looks like you may need to repair the nose , do that before you reglass 

Follow Zausa’s instructions.  You’ll be fine.  If you try too hard to get rid of those stress cracks, you may burn thru and make things worse.  On the ding use tape on the bottom and around the rail forming a mold to hold the Q-cell mix.  Remember; mix it thick, not runny.  Pack it in from the top.  Pull the tape and sand.  Touch up any little imperfections with additional Q-cell…  Final sand and put 2 layers of 4oz over the ding.  One slightly larger than the other.  Hotcoat and sand.  Tape off and paint black.  You could also put a coat of clear over the black.  We’re talking it to death.  Get 'er done!

Yep definitely gonna q cell those little pin holes 

Thanks man

Yeew gonna do it as soon as the supplies come in