Ding repair on decent cracks.

Hello, I was surfing the wonderful shorebreak today and realized that there were some cracks by my nose… probably from landing on it with my bony hip while in the barrel… anyways, I figure that with gaping holes, it’s easy to figure out what to do, but I’m always stumped with cracks.  There are smaller cracks on the bottom side of the nose that stay even with the surface (pic 1), and then there’s a bigger one on the top side that makes the surface uneven (pic 2).  Would I remove that glass, and then do the ding repair (with or without q-cell?).  I’ll be using epoxy, by the way.

I would start by sanding the area down to the weave on either side of the major crack, and use the tip of a utility knife to remove any loose material. Then I’d fill the unevenness with filler material, then glass over it with a strip of cloth. You could lap that strip around the nose rail to the other side if it looks like the glass has been compromised. Otherwise, I’d just sand and hotcoat that area. Hot coat and sand the repair patch and call it done. Normally, I do two patches, but I think that particular kind of damage, in that area of the nose, does not require it.

Yep, pretty much what I'd do, although I might try brushing some thinned sanding resin into the cracks. Thin the resin to where it's a little thicker than water. That might make for a very clean looking repair without going into the cracks themselves. That will take a little longer to dry than standard resin, but be patient.

Then, as described, sand and glass and hotcoat over it and you're good to go.

Hope that's of use



Ok, since the epoxy resin cures like a hot coat  (or at least it feels that way on my other repair), would it just be another layer after laminating the cloth?