Ding Repair Oregon

Got a friend in the Hood River area who is looking for a ding repair person nearby. She is from So Cal and has surfed for over 40 years, so she will know what she needs to have done. The board belongs to her daughter.

Gorge Performance.   I won’t do repairs anymore.  Don’t care what state they’re from.

…I see; now you dedicates to pester here.


Would you repeat that statement please.   Maybe I’ll get it the second time around.  You know ; “Uno mas”.

  • "I won't do repairs anymore.  Don't care what state they're from."


LOL.  I only have one question:

Who hurt you?    

Oh!  Been un Pesto aqui for about 18 anos.

I got tired of doing ridiculous repairs.   Delams that didn’t need to be cut open.   People wanting restorations on $50 garage finds that had no history.  12 footers cluttering up my shop.   They either want them tomorrow or they never come back to get them.  I had a guy come over and rummage through things when I wasn’t there.  Took his repaired board and didn’t pay for it.  Etc. Etc.


Did you try North Pacific Surfboards in Hood River?

George Performane has a good crew but that a 1.5 hr drive.  If she’s in Hood River, there are more options close by.