....ding repair photos ? .....

…is there any chance people can post some here , please ?

[maybe even with a description of what cloth and resin you used ?]

…I just thought / hope this may be helpful to people , being that a picture is apparently 'worth a thousand words ’



[I cleverly left my digi’s photo card at home , but hopefully next time I’m online here at this internet place , I may be able to upload a coupla shots of the tail fix I’m currently doing on Ian ['sandgroper’s] thruster ]

Um, why would we not use “what we got lying around at the time”? Which means, if you use PE, tpatch with PE; if epoxy, use that. As for cloth, I use scraps left over from whatever I did last time… they’re laying on the top of the pile… just grab, cut, lay 'em over the ding and wet 'em out.

Now a sequential illustrated ding repair how-to for various types of dings, that would be an archive-able event.

foam/fiber fin repair

I did the base of the fin (foam) again, and fiberglassing

then sand and patch the bottom

then glassing as normal

then paint, then speed finish

thanks reverb !

just what the doctor ordered