Ding Repair

This board had a little delam happening on the deck before this ding. It now has stress cracks on the bottom and top of the board running perpendicular to the stringer at the midpoint of the board and the foam is exposed where the delam was.

I’m going to repair it and would appreciate anyones input. Should I cut away all the fiberglass at the mid section of the board leaving the foam exposed and then glass it, blending the new glass into the old. Or, should I sand the old glass down around the midsection and glass over the old. Or, should I not worry about the stress cracks and just repair where the foam is exposed. I guess I’m wondering which is stronger. I’ve attached some pics.



if the delam is not too bad, i would sand (40 grits) and glass over a lay of 6+4 oz, lap the rail. Put an extra 6 on the cracks over the stringer.

For the bottom, it’s just cracks in the hot coat, i don’t think it goes all the way through the foam. You will find out quick anyway if it’s start to turn yellow.

Sand out the stress cracks with 80 grit as much as possible before you hit weave. Repair the delam with the methods in the archives. Laminate 4-60 oz over the whole thing, hotcoat, sand, gloss/acrylic spray.