has anyone here ever compiled a list of who is from what area ?

I ask , because I just figure it would make it easier to hook up for a surf with people in your area …regular small-scale swaylockian surf and shape / skate / music […whatever!] get-togethers .

A good way for “newbies” , friends , visitors, families [etc] to meet each other .

anyway , it was just a thought …


That sounds like a great Idea to me,

Never heard of one before so it looks like it’s down to you then. now all you got to do is check the profile of every menber and devide them into logations. that should take you what? half hour.

good on ya mate.

“3065 registered users” by .2 of a second each [?] to pm the hundreds who haven’t written their name or location …yeah , Woody …what are YOU up to for the next few months again , mate ?

…THANKS for volunteering to do that for me mate …you’re a champion !


I could probably work something up. Bug me if there’s nothing up in a while.

Well, that would be great , thanks Mike…if you’re not too busy already . That would certainly take a long time to compile , wouldn’t it ??


[and I sent you a pm re: today too , by the way !]

I wouldn’t do it by hand. I would write a script that spits it all out onto one page for viewing.


beauty !

…the wonders of the technological age , eh ??

(I’m still coming to grips with the fact that "I have a computer’ [!!] , and can post photos around the world by it [??!!] )


Mike, if I may (humbly) bring my two cents in, what we’ve got on french “” site is a list of all registered members that you can make appear either by date of registration, by alphabetical order, by number of threads posted or by area of origin.

I suppose that’s what you were thinking of. It should be fairly easy to do, providing people entered their geographical area, of course…


I could probably work something up. Bug me if there’s nothing up in a while.

hi Mike …

I’ve got an idea…

Just add another button in the “Member Directory” that says “view members by location” you guys already have peoples country/states/cities and thoes who dont say obvisouly don’t want people to know where they live so you dont need to worrie about them. you should be able to figure how do do this in an hour or so.



good idea Austin !!

…Mr. Paler , what thinkest thou of said idea ?



I think this is an excellent idea – and one that I actually took a crack at implementing. However I ran into technical difficulties and out of time.

I really want to – and hence will implement this functionality, but it will just take time.

I’m not going to be able to get into it again until after SA2005. That means late October at best.

Sorry for the delay, but I try.



If there’s anything I can do to help (IT professional working with databases) just PM me.


Is it late October yet?

…subtle , mate …


Patience young grasshopper. It’s coming.

…a christmas present to us eh Mike ?

…I hope you had a good holiday ?

cheers !


Early Christmas

Right on man,

I dig it.



great work Mike . Thanks !!

…I like how we can now bust the lurkers !! [shows how long ago they visited , and when they last posted …cool …the internet police are on your side !]