Disappearing Posca...

I signed my board with a Posca Pen (Garden Craft, actually, but they are the same stuff, I think) over a dry lamination. Normally I sign the board with pencil, but this one is an opaque pigment lamination so I had to sign post-lam. Anyway, I let it sit overnight to make sure the ink was dry. Just before preparing to hotcoat (Kwick Kick), I did a light wipedown with DNA to clean the dust off the board. Lo and behold, the Posca signature totally wiped off. Is this normal?

I have one last chance to put on a signature by doing it on the sanded hot-coat, prior to a spray on final finish coat (Resin X UV Clear). I have done this before and it works. But I’m just wondering if Posca always rubs off like that when it comes in contact with DNA.

Posca never rubbed off for me, always clear lacquer after wards, I do 2 coats.....

I’m definitely going to coat it with a clear coat, I’m just wondering if it will always smear off if left un-treated or if you rub it with a rag and DNA. I typically wipe down boards with clean paper towel and DNA before I hot coat or spray the final coat. I read somewhere that car dealers use Poscas to write on the windshields of cars and they can be wiped off easily. Perhaps I just learned why.



Epoxy over India Ink, or UPOL over India ink.

Never wipe any artwork you want to keep with a cleaner. 

Speed egg 6

if it doesn’t dissolve in water then the cleaning agent is going to smear it. Polyester will make sharpie run like you are going to beat it up for its lunch money.

     Howzitrider, Sharpies that are alcohol based will bleed like crazy but when they were making the waterbased ones they were fine with poly resin. Poscas are water based acrylic paint and acetone or any solvent will disolve it,smear or just plain erase it. Soap and water shouldn't affect them at all unless the posca is not totally dry when washed with soap and water. I prefer India Ink myself but have used Posca,Zig and acrylic paint from the tube and when done right there is no problems. Aloha,Kokua

Why are you wiping your board down with dna before finish coating?All of the epoxies I’ve used have not required such a task and I’ve used kwik kick also.There are quite a few threads on here with horror stories of people using solvents between coats and ruining their work as a result.Is there something I’m missing?Should I be wiping my unfinished boards down with dna also?