dislocated kneecap


I recently dislocated my kneecap playing a field sport, how will this affect my surfing??i'm still wearing an immbolization brace. after rehab will have to wear a brace or is it unlikely i'll dislocate my kneecap while surfing, i'm only 17 years old and love surfing?


Are you working w/ a physical therapist for rehab?  They would really be the one to ask. Most likely w/ proper strengthening and stabilization exercises you should be fine but I really don’t know.  Definitely you want to be pro-active on the rehab though.  Ask PT and local trainers etc to find out what you need to do and then do plenty of it!

In the long run, you should do okay. Do everything the PT. says and then some. I had my kneecap shattered and pieces were removed with the attendant tendon. LOTS of bike riding for re-hab. After you get the go ahead, stairs are great for building the muscles that wrap the joint. If you enjoy hiking hills.....DO IT! When hiking, take extra care on the downhills. Slow and steady wins the race.

Quick google turned this up  http://www.sports-injury-info.com/dislocated-patella.html   Looks pretty reasonable

Dislocation Rehabilitation

dislocation is one injury that needs supervised rehabilitation for the
best recovery. After your injury, you will have a lot of swelling and
pain, as well as decreased range of motion and strength. All of these
problems need to be addressed.

Rehabilitation with a physical therapist or athletic trainer will give you the best chance for a full recovery, and it will significantly decrease the chance of dislocating again.
Your rehab should focus on improving your strength in your quadriceps, hamstrings, hips and core, as well as restoring your range of motion.

Recovery Time Frame

Most patellar dislocations take awhile to heal. The first 3-4 weeks are a protective phase to allow the tissues to heal and tighten down. After that, strengthening can progress. You should be back to normal in 3-5 months after your injury.

patellar dislocations may require surgery to re-align the patella or to
repair the damaged tissues. Surgery is usually not performed unless
conservative rehabilitation fails.


A dislocated patella is a serious sports injury that needs to be treated by a sports medicine professional for the best recovery. Intial treatment focuses on the R.I.C.E. Principles as well as using a brace to protect the damaged tissues. Rehabilitation will last for 2-3 months after injury, and you should be able to return to sports in 3-5 months."

This one http://www.athleticadvisor.com/injuries/LE/Knee/Patella/patella_dislocations.htm probably worth just reading the whole thing.  Not too long and has more detail and some rehab tips.

thanks for insight guys

i got the kneecap but back into place within a minute of it going out, i went to the hospital the day after  and was told i’d be out of sports for 3-6 weeks by the doctor, when i asked him about getting scan or x ray he replied what for?? he gave me crutches and told my i’ll get an appointment with the orthopedic surgon

when i went to the orthopedic surgen four days later(not my choice) he was not happy i wasn’t sent to him sooner??i currently have a leg brace on to immobolize the knee and won’t be starting physio for another three weeks time when i’ll be getting it off. 

thanks for your help anyways 

I’ve had it happen a couple of times on each knee and also arthroscopic surgery on each. Not sure if they were directly related. Whilst I’ve never been into super high performance surfing I don’t find my dodgy knees holding me back. After a bit of time and strengthening I would say most people would get back to full use. One thing I did learn early in the piece was to go with a fairly light board whilst recooperating. Initially I thought of riding a old school heavy board and cruising but they offered too much resistance when turning and inflamed the situation. Good luck.

p-co did they happen while surfing and if yes how?? what happened to put ur kneecap out of place


as for the lighter board thing it shouldn’t bother me i surf on shortboards and main board is a surftech super light but extremely durable


thanks for the advice


Happened at least once whilst surfing from what I recall. Was my back leg as I was about to do a top turn. I think the leg was half bent and and slightly deweighted. I haven’t had any issues the last few years but as my knees are generally shit I have a policy of not doing anything risking. I’m happy if I can maintain them to keep surfing.

Everyone is different.  Treat the injury well and listen to your therapist.  I cracked/dislocated my kneecap skating a pool(or more fondly remembered as “The Pool” at burnside).(when I fell I just nicked the coping with the side of my knee). it sucked bad for 6 months, I was stuburn and just let it heal withough a scope or any treatment.  3 yrs later, turns out I had torn miniscus as well + scar tissue.  Had surgery to remove this and waited another 6 months to surf or skate…anyway, long story short.  I sought professional advise finally and followed it.  No more pain and am back to normal.  Listen to the pros to get you back in shape.  Also, I’ve found to keep the residual pain at bay, Stretch every day. 

You will be fine... Dislocated mine twice, first time a guy on my rugby team used his shoulder to push it out while tackiling me during drills....it popped back in when I was being transfered from the ambulance into the hospital.

Second time was while playing basketball...same knee.

To me it seems like the knee cap is most prone to dislocation when the knee is bent, twisted and under load.

Your knee will feel weak for a while as I'm sure you've noticed.

So as above, do your rehab, and Id say wear a knee brace while surfing and whatever else your doctor tells you.

“To me it seems like the knee cap is most prone to dislocation when the knee is bent, twisted and under load.”

Got to comment! Every time I see photos or vid clips of “high performance” surfing I cringe a bit because…  The knee should never be twisted, esp under load. It is a hinge joint, like a door hinge, not a ball and socket like the hip or shoulder.  It only moves in one plane.  That is if you wish to get around without a walker in your dottage. So no twisting and no shearing forces allowed.  Load it up all you want  but only in proper alignment.  Or suffer the consequences.