Only about 10% of the photos posted are correctly proportioned.  (on my computer)      The rest are wildly distorted.     Does anyone else have a similar experience?      Is there a fix for this?

No malice…

Aloha Matt,

Roosters photos were compressed, and yours are streatched.       In his, the board looks like a Paipo.     In yours, it looks like a water ski !     

Eh, Bill!

No problem…

Still looks wicked 2 me.

So shiney too!


No distortion here, might be a computer issue rather than a website issue.

I haven’t noticed anything like what you describe. Have you tried a different browser? Which browser are you using and what’s your OS?

Mine is fine, too, Bill. Thanks for tipping that picture vertically, Matt.  Dots, the truck dog likes it, too.  Mike

Serious reply. Your glasses prescription might be off. Not corrected properly for astigmatism.

I know you aren’t serious!     @HUCK:    Everythinh was cool, BEFORE the format change.      The strange thing is, that on some posts (yours was one) the first pic is normal, and the others in the series are distorted.     Any ideas?

My mom has an older computer, it has the exact same issues. If I take the photo URL and open in a separate window, the distortion disappears. But I have no distortion on my I-phone or my own personal computer. Sounds like time to upgrade to a newer model. Usually some great deals this time of year.

Pics (and board) look fine on this end. Nice job Bill!

I can see clearly now,

This board is much bigger

than all the mountains.

Ths board is easily

more than 4 giant dogs 

high, also aparently able

to span a valley as wide as

the one mauka of Carmel.

Yes one great board from 

the historic year 2015, may it 

surf and live on ,

…in the hands

of apreciative stewards…


there is a light,

can you feel it?


aloha from waipouli


living with my

unique distorted

view of the universe

handed down to me from 

civilizations and aboriginals

alike. I like pictures.

Go to your desktop.  In an open area RIGHT click.  In the little box that opens up you will find your display settings.  

The second thing to check would be your browser.  Simplest thing there is to simply try a different one.  You’d be surprised how differently some web sites look if you view them on different browsers.  Given all the bugs with this website I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the issue.  If you don’t have it already, download the google Chrome browser and use that.  While you are at it download AdBlock Plus which will eliminate all of the pop-up and sidebar ads from this site and any others you use.