Divinycell drinking up resin

A friend glassed his d-cell board today and had trouble with the d-cell drinking up excessive amounts of resin,to the point of which in many places it sucked the resin out of the cloth,has anyone else had this problem and if so whats the cure?

No real cure after the fact. Try mixing a little batch and rubbing it in to fix the dry spots.

Better to seal it first, or use faster hardener, or both.

Thanks,I’ll do all of those!

The sailboard guys seal the divinycell with an epoxy-microballoon bough.If your worried about looks just do it under the skin.

Mr J used some color added in for for fun and all so did the filler coat on the glass with the same stuff.

Makes em light.

yes thats right Lavarat, I got the micro balloon slurry priming to work well for both weight saving and increasing bond. Jesus give my favourite vac recipe another read and it might make more sense now that you have got some of the way with your project. Another weight saver is the wet-out table which gets the glass saturated before it can get sucked into the skin. Although micro slurry primer on the outer skin is a good idea with the wet out table a reasonable bond will be had without the micro slurry, but what happens then is that little air bubbles form in the skin pores and some become pinholes. However coz I filled with more microballoons, squeegeed into the weave hard, the pinholes get filled. I found priming the inner skin important for bond (but not weight) though.

if you want nice aesthetics this sort of glass job requires painting to cover it all up though.

Will do, thanks MrJ.

I should mention that the use of the wet-out table to keep things light on the outer lam was for a vac lam using peel ply and bleeder. This way the glass got pressed into the skin.

I use divinycell by the pallet, Sealing it with resin / microbaloons is a must!! Let the resin / microbaloons mix cure on its own, then sand smooth. It will make the board much lighter and very easy to laminate. BTW I perfer glass baloons over phonelic baloons.