divinycell woes

How does one make wetted cloth stick to this stuff using conventional techniques…hand layup etc???

Epoxy wetted cloth doesnt seem to stick to it well. Major drama in the garage today…learning to walk all over again.

Bagging is best.

I’ve seen some handbuilders skip the bagging, but they choose 6oz E glass, the easiest to laminate around corners (compared to S or K).

Flats are easy enough, even I do it over wood laminates, so it must be the rails you are concerned with.

Some cut at the tuck, some use extra long laps to hold, and the one’s who seem successful seal the airex/divin before laminating.

make sure its dust free …

you tried the wet out ,glass transfer method didnt you…?

use a longer potlife resin , one that is highly viscous …

if you run into trouble , smoothe it out as best you can and let the vac do the work …drop a small amount of resin in the middle and work it to the outside …

you really do want it light dont you …

o the dramas …least you got help …



Treat the foam with a slurry, it does wonders, for adhesion, and to get closer tollerance glass/resin ratios.

Lee, no just laying a flat sheet of 1/8d on deck using wet 4oz transferred similar to Bert…I had this cloth fully wetted and when you lay it on dcell it doesnt stick so as your handling it to lay it down right it slips around and hence you gotta handle it more and more…the more I fussed with it the worse it got…loose strings everywhere. The lack of stick just made it annoyingly difficult. I did get it down and the blank is sitting there curing…it should be ok.

Seems kind of ironic…dcell…targeted towards sandwich construction but tricky to work with…like your trying to mix oil and water.

Yeah superlight Bert…why not…not likely to break it out here…I dont ride boards for more than a year anyway…I wanna float around on a feather…maybe I’ll start to fly

Wildy…I thought of that but decided to skip it…epoxy/microballons squeeg’d on before the cloth…next time.

Do you have any peel-ply? If so, put the peel-ply over the laminate and wrap with 2" masking. Ifthere is a “hollow” spot like concave or a channel you can put some flexible foam rubber on top of the peel-ply with a plastic barrier film between foam and peel-ply, then tape it down really tight . The foam will conform to the shape and give you a sort of high compression contact laminate. It actually works really well when you get used to it.