DIY Glassing -- how much materials

I havent glassed a board myself in years, but its like riding a bicycle. Just wondering if anyone has some rough figures as to how much the materials are for a short board.


Just a rough total estimate and what quantities of laminating/sanding?/finishing resin I’d need. I figure 1 pint of finishing resin…what about the others.




cant’ edit the above: its all polyester!


just need est. on glassing materials, not necessarily to include tape, razor blades, squeegees.

      Howzit kneelorob,How big is your bicycle so we can do the figures. Aloha,Kokua

.02 from a backyarder

6 foot board or less

ounce bottle of mekp & small can of surfacing agent

I get 2 shortboards from a gallon of UV Lam resin including hotcoats (I don’t gloss coat)

7 yards glass just to be safe for a bottom + deck+deck

     Howzit Bud you and I know it's not scary to glass but there those that don't feel the same way and glassing scares the heck out of them. The whole time they are glassing a board all they can think about is how bad they will mess it up due to their bad glass job. That's just the Nature of the beast. Aloha,Kokua