Documented Fastest Surf .........Ever

This will finally give Roy a run for the money

Those rats surf better than a lot of people in the line up. A couple of real nice rides in there.

Resinhead,… woooooowhooo that was great. It looked like some of them were actually getting into it and moving about the board like a shred rat should. The one had that stoked rat surfer craze look in it’s eye’s.


Harry’s a “tube-dodger”.

I’ll bet they would have gone faster if they were riding quad rat-tails…

This will finally give Roy a run for the money

NIce mice… they’re better looking than Roy too ; )

Your belly is hanging out


I can’t find my feet… I think they’re down there somewhere.

Actually Roy, I think you look pretty cool in your brightly colored wetties. You definitely have a unique style. It’s hard to compete with mice in the cuteness department though.

True Kendall, mice are cute, my son Tristan has just rescued one yesterday which had its feet stuck in a molasses spill next to our molasses drum, now it is in with the pet mice as happy as can be, and he’s making a surfboard for them (true story)

BTW flamingo wetties are hot, not cool, but thanks for the compliment



Sorry - tried to post a photo but can’t get it to upload.


I KNOW!! did you see Harry on the triple overhead fricking bomb!! And he got worked too, that’s a serious water-rat

Rez, Ya mon he was totally dialed in. That wave was easily 10 times overhead mouse style. I wonder if they were surfing in freshwater or saltwater?.



That was friggen hilarious! I mean, who would even think of that and building the little boards for them? Funny. Mike

That was very cool!

Fantastic stuff guys!!!..

The switchfoot, the total bail out, the wave selection, the noseriding… how could you fault that!!!

But I’m a bit suss about the last one…

He looked like he had a GPS strapped on…

Now that’s jest not natural…

i love it …real surfrats

Just showed it to my wife. I think her opinion of Sways went way up. I think she wants me to build some boards for Guinea Pigs. I assume they can swim. Rats have more soul though. Mike

So cool, rats have a lot of syle.

One of those rats had Tudoresque footwork!


To me that’s what surfin’ is about…kickin’it and having fun !

I think I’ll get a rat and take it surfding.

I’ll name it Willard.

Better get it a little bro too, and name it Ben

I loved the one that went over the falls…