Does a cheaper alternative to the round yellow sanding Power Pads exist out there?

Is there a cheaper alternative to the $30+ soft round yellow sanding pads called “Power Pad” or “FlexPad” that are used on big sander/polishers?

Cheaper than $30?
Seems like a great deal to me.
You get what you pay for.

I think you are understating the price of both Powet Pads and Flex Pads.  They are not meant to be disposable.  If properly cared for and used at their designated RPMs can last a number of years.  Having said that;  the Ferro Pads are a bit cheaper and can last along time with proper care.  Lowel

You can make soft pads but they don’t really last.  3" Polyfoam, contact cement, and Harbor Freight grinder backing pads; look in the archives.  Take everyones advise, it’s a waste of time just buy a real one.

If you decide to make one;  consider using EVA memory foam.  You’ll have to look around to find the right density and it will cost mucho.  Try Ferro’s website.   I got two from them and like them both.  Lowel

Thanks guy and thanks for the tip about Ferro, McDing. I found an 8" Ferro for only $15 + shipping. I was in construction forever so I understand the reason for getting quality tools, but I won’t use it much and it never hurts to ask if there’s something available that might be as good (or almost as good) as the best.

Ferro 60658V 8" PSA Sanding Backing Pad