does anyone know anything about Ashton Surfboards?

I have an old ashton surfboard, I donno how old it is but I got it for free and it was super gnarled up so I patched it up and use it as my daily log.  It's a 9'0. I keep getting comments like "that's an antique" etc so I can imagine its old, but it's all I have for a log right now.  anyways here's some pictures, any info would be awesome




awesome, thanks for the info!  I figured it was from the 80s or 90s,  for some reason people keep thinking it's old.  I'm most grateful that I got it for free, fixed it up and am stoked everytime I take it out.


Thanks again!






[img_assist|nid=1057148|title=ashton 2|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0]

alright here are some bigger pictures, sorry bout that, first time posting pictures here.

Serial # looks like “5764” ???

Certainly not an antique. Built in 1995.

The first clue that it isn’t an antique is the fact that the logo says “Since 1972”. Secondly, nobody put dimensions and such on boards even in '72. That didn’t really become common until the 80s.

John Ashton builds them. Out of Maryland. Decent boards. Nothing all that special. Fix it. Ride it. Be glad it was free.


Do these “people” even surf?


[quote="$1"] for some reason people keep thinking it's old.  [/quote]


Do these "people" even surf?


apparantly they do, the comments came from other guys going out to surf today when i was waxing my board


Well, these guys might own surfboards, but they don’t know squat about them.

Was this at a lake?

haha, no, shoulder high sets today. I'm in Rhode Island

what side of the island?


I imagine

it makes a diffrence

or does it?

although this time of year

would make anyone

at the beach look serious

with a surfboard 

coming out of the water.

I live on the biggest island in the state of RI, Aquidneck Island.  a lot of people surf in the winter here.

I used to live on Aquidneck Island. Knew Sid when he was a kid. Surfed Ruggs back when it was illegal.


Speaking as an Ocean State native, folks there aren’t exactly the brightest. So, no surprise that some would think a '95 built board from MD is an “antique”.

Awesome! Sid rules, coolest dude ever.

just cruised on google map.

unlike my island ,your island

has great limits to it's swell window.

big winter surf gets cleaned up

by the time it reaches you.

how far into the straights

when it gets real big 

is a study onto itself.

the google maps

show real clean water



20 years is vintage

antique is 100 years old

I think.1990 is now vintage.

old guys are thirty,60 year olds

are fossils ...


Swells don't reach very far into Narragansett Bay. Which is what you're calling the "straights", I assume?

The most exposed spots are along the Southern shores from Connecticut to Massachusetts with the area around Pt Judith being the most open with a swell window from SW to East. A big difference between RI and most of the EC is the number of points and rock bottom breaks. Just about everything South of RI is beach break, all the way to Florida.

You seemed a bit confused in your first reply, here. Rhode Island is a state, not an island. So, if you live in Rhode Island, you don't necssarily live on an island. Some do. Most don't.




Watch that…

heard dora say fossil first.

(senile surf freaks and fossils)

he died at sixty seven.

at sixty two I am qualified

for an occasional self

deprecating comment.

setting the record straight.


G.O.G. - growing old gracefully

is a high art.All that is required is

survival,the nuances separate 

the chaff from the wheat.Keep your

fingers together when cutting back.

learn to ride a mat.


Island is a vague term

interesting to look at the google map

that nantuckett place

is a lot o’ sand bars too!

man to see aerial photo sure is cool

what’s that sand bar look like

with the clean swell?



You have a year on me.



I always do. never did master pinkie English



It’s nothing but a big sandbar parked on top of a glacier moraine that was eventually settled by people. The Wampanoags, to be precise.

thanx for the wampanoag


canoe paddlers are a 

validating anthropological

hookup.Now where are the

accounts of the real hot

wampanoag boats?

like for channel crossing?

the freeboard looks like 

flat water skills.The wampanoag

40’ers will be way cool!

surely the wood is availiable.

maybe it’s time for the Hokulea

to do the Atlantic tour…



Capt Ahab’s vessel, the Pequod, is named after a branch of the Wampanoag tribe. I have many friends who are Wampanoag. They have a fascinating history.

yeah … pequod

was Queequeg a Wampanoag?

I always suspected he was maori.

maybe it was the tatoos in the movie…



we are connected

aboriginaliy to a set of roots

that go beyond our left brain .