does anyone know anything about this board?

this board i have was given to my by my uncle who moved, but i have no info on it, does anyone know anything about it?

It’s 8’0"

brand is GORDIE

has a number i think may be a zip code, but im not sure “90207”

i dont know where it came from, who shaped it, or how mcuh its worth, DOES ANYOINE???


please leave your email, i can send you a picture

Here you go

That’s 2 today, things are a bit slow here at work…

ok, thanks, now, does anyone know how much they go for these days?

im thinkin of sellin, and buyin a longer board, depends what i can get for it though


Try this, (geez I’m good to you mate!!!)

They list one at $750.00 fair condition

thanks. heres another picture

You should post a pic of the top of the board as well. The chubbysurf price reference is for a 60s era classic longboard. This looks more like a early 70s board that with some sting wings. The top pic will give a better indication of condition and design and will provide potential buyers with more information in which to make an offer.

I’m not an expert by any means but it looks like a noserider thats had 2’ chopped off the tail and reshaped stingers.

Have a look at the nose for the concave, also the fact it has a finbox instead of a glass on.